C2 problems

I have been noticing several, recurring problems in C2 functionality:

1) After preparing a post and pressing “Preview Message” button, it tells me to log in, even though I am logged in (and the top of the pages says Logged in: Ross Canfield (Log out)

2) For many systems, when selecting the Realism Factor, with commis. or Best-case, with commis. radio buttons, the dates on the equity curve-graph lag behind Best-case fills, no commisson by a few days to a week. This has tended to come and go over the last couple of months…

  1. There is a security feature that checks your sessionid via a cookie. If you ever have two C2 windows open at the same time, that might trigger this (i.e. it will log you out). That’s annoying, I agree, and am exploring alternate ways to provide account security. I’m not sure if this is what is causing your problem, but in case it is, I encourage you to keep only one C2 window/browser open at a time.

    2) That should not be. Could you email me the system name next time you notice it? I’ll investigate. (At most there should be only a one-day differential.)


RIght now, I looked at E-WOLF EMINI (randomly picked).

For any choice besides Best Case Fills, no commission, the last date appearing on the X axis of the other 3 choices is 3/28, (but it is 4/11 on the first button). If you look carefully, the last “squiggle” on the other 3 is the SECOND to last squiggle on the first choices.

It seems about a week behind or so.