Change your financial life in 365 days

This post isn’t a post about profit/returns.
This is about risk.
I don’t expect this strategy to ever see a 10% drawdown…

You just started 3 days ago and you did 86 trades… :slight_smile:

Trades - 86
Profitable - 30

% Profitable - 34.9%

Started here 3 days ago.
I started long before that.

What you’ll see here is the finish product.
Not a new beginning.

And I’m really not interested your opinion.

I’m here to trade.

Not debate about trading.

I am here to express my views not to impress

So (1) strategy is traded long time and (2) it had dd less than 10% before.
Does it mean that the strategy is broken now showing 19% dd (almost twice more than was expected)?

98% drawdown in the first week.

Odds of seeing this guy ever again are low. :rofl:

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Best line of the day, thanks for the laugh!

Nice work @JITF . I’m glad you logged it. When they first said that I thought about screenshotting it incase they removed it.

C2 starting to be a sad place. 99% of them are just these clowns - so arrogant and destroys others wealth. Sooner or later, some authority needs to take a look at this.

If you sub to autotrader and look at Karl_Collin, he crashed the strat. Your “You trade you lose” is like saying, you go to McDonald and you order a burger and has rat poison, “You eat you die”.

There are a lot of good strategies here, but that trade leaders just don’t post on the forum. Look up the Grid.

Most of trade leaders actively advertising on the forum fail at certain point. Just an observation during last 4 or 5 years.


-749.1% Cumul. Return since he posted his strategy. How does C2 approve people like this? Should be illegal. Hopefully nobody subscribed to his strategies.


But he was right about the headline for the topic, actually took much less than 365 days

Maybe after the (57.3%) first month that would be a good hint before the -300% second month. Should be a minimum drawdown you should have or be flagged

Yeah but why would you want someone to represent your company with that record? I would never join again. If there’s no standards then you don’t feel safe using this site even though you do your own DD.

C2 does not “represent” any company (and/or vice versa), legally or otherwise, nor can it tell which system is going to outerperform/underperform a simple buy and hold approach, on a risk-adjusted basis.

Potential investors must do their own homework and decide if they want to subscribe to any particular trading system, after looking at its track record, end of story.