Collective 2 Failure to Correct Trade Price

I just want to inform everone on this website that Collective2 fails multiple times to update prices. You see the price on real-live streaming platform, for instance, like in my case, 1.60 for EDS, and guess what!?? I get 1.35 to sell where the spread is minimum!!! It happened multiple times; I submitted multiple tickets, but no answer!!! How can I trade and promote my system if trades are inaccurate, and I could make 20% from this trade, but now I see a loss of 2%.[LINKSYSTEM_65192902]

Hi, Andre:

I’ve examined this.

Here is what I see. You are entering market orders for a very thinly traded stock. When you buy at market, you will receive the ask price, not the last. When you sell at market, your will receive the bid, not the last.

I’ve examined all your various trouble tickets, and I don’t see anything obviously wrong. The symbol EDS (the stock you have been complaining about) has a very low volume, and it has a very wide bid/ask spread.

So, let’s look at your latest example/complaint. You suggest that your market order to Sell 100 EDS at MKT was incorrectly filled (signal id 77901784). But here’s the data: you entered the signal on 11/29 at 10:28:40 AM. The bid/ask spread at that instant was 1.35/1.5. Thus you were filled at 1.35, which seems correct.

Now, it is true that the LAST price displayed at that moment in time was 1.6. But the last doesn’t mean anything, particularly in seldom-traded symbols, because the last is simply a paper trail of what happened in the past. Indeed, that “last” trade of 1.35 actually took place at 10:08 AM, twenty minutes before you entered your order. In the subsequent twenty minutes, there were no actual trades in that symbol, although the bid/ask spread changed several times.

If you feel this data is wrong, by all means let me know. It’s always possible we receive a bad tick from our data services. But, given the fact that you have filed trouble tickets about multiple trades like this, I suspect the data is correct and perhaps you are unaware of how thinly-traded this stock symbol is.