System downtime Feb 18

Hello C2 Members -

This morning our upstream internet provider let us know they needed to carry out emergency maintenance to replace a piece of equipment. They promised a brief 15 minute downtime during which our data center would be unavailable. In fact the outage lasted 2.5 hours. We’re back online now.

I’m sorry for this downtime. Our provider has been generally very reliable, This morning’s downtime was an exception.

Hello Matthew,

Some years ago I mantained one system on C2 and now I’m planning to come back with 3 new systems.
Concerning the system downtime of this morning, please consider a backup data provider solution. Two hours and half without market data can do havoc to systems open position.
In my opinion, even the the rare happening of this outage should be seriously considered, in a professional service as C2 aim at providing.

Thank you and best regards,
Paolo Geronazzo