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Day trading system (MillionaireMaker)


yes correct… you have to manual trade to select what trades to take… you just suscribe and do not setup an auto trade account


manual trading a guy who’s daytrading in and out is very tiring. you will get lots of slippage.


Ouch, today was bad. 10% drawdown and a loss on a 12-contract ES position. At least you kept the stoplosses. But hey, life is short and I’d love to be your broker.


Not to be too skeptical but lets see after a 3 month period if this system will last. This is not the first daytrading system and this will not be the last. I hope there is more to the system than what I am seeing but so far its nothing that hasn’t been seen before.


@AlgoSystem You mean he’s not the next George Soros or Jim Simons?


Those fellows are not daytraders of course…lol


@AlgoSystem In this case Jayy can give them a crash course on how to double up and really screw your day. “How to Double up and Make a Million Bucks” Sounds like a blockbuster title.


“I’d love to be your broker.” Me too.


@SteveKwan Shall we found a brokerage firm? Jayy would be our only client.


Sound like a good idea.


I guess the ‘guaranteed trade’ today did not work out thats why there was a huge loss for the 12 contracts.


That last short trade was actually the entered at the low of the day in the hopes that it would break the low of the day. Its a gamble trade.


I’m surprised Collective2 allows you to use a name for your system that implies it is so good, you will become a millionaire by subscribing. Even if you can deliver, it is a bit unethical.


futurmajic… Yes same problem as “2% per month” which by C2 was told to rename their system.


The regulators frown on such things.


I have to agree with TT3 & many others here.

You are going to be more successful on C2 and you will have way more subscribers
if you scale down your strategy to 1-2 contracts maximum.
Your subscribers will have the possibility to scale up themselves within their C2-account if necessary.

Most C2-subscribers are interested in strategies that don’t blow up their account.
I would rather subscribe to 8 strategies with max. 1-2 contract each, than 1-2 strategies with 8 contracts.

Daily loss limit 10% is too high or me, but I’ll be watching your strategy closely.
For the moment I prefer CsabaBiro11’s more conservative Chubs7500 strategy.

As soon as you offer a less volatile intraday strategy with hard stop loss, I’ll sign up.

Good luck mate


@Jayy - don’t listen to these haters dog. Ain’t no one gonna be a millionaire by trading 1 or 2 contracts. Swing for the fences every time! Smoke these foos.


@Jayy Don’t listen to them. We will see in a few months.
@CsabaBiro11 again, people can trade 50% or even 10% of the system if they want less contracts. Bashing other systems is really not cool and doesn’t make you look smarter.


@guigui I never bash any other system, I just point out facts whether you or anyone else likes it or not.


Not sure how 50% scaling on a system like this would work. When 1 contract is sold, if you are @ 50%, what would C2 do?