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Day trading system (MillionaireMaker)


I believe if the sizing cannot be reduced evenly it will rounded down. ie. if 3 contracts are traded at 50% then its rounded to 1 since you cannot have 1.5 contracts traded…lol

Thats why with this strategy if someone chooses anything other than 100% scaling the result may differ from the trader.


Today the guarantueed trade was 14 contracts. Where will it go? Shall we stop at 20 or 30?


With 1 contract I think if you specify in the settings that minimum 1 contract is to be traded at 50% you will still get 1 contract traded.

I could be wrong but I think thats what client support said


This is a very interesting plot!


They would trade 1 contract (the minimum possible)


Hmm, so I think this would create an issue for folks who have a $30K account size and think they will be ok if they scale it to 50% (knowing the system has traded 12 contracts at a time; they should be safe @ 50%).


The strategy makes 12 seperate 1 contract buys; 50% scaling would have C2 buying the first 6 contracts and it would either fail the next 6 contracts or may be able to buy 1 more before your account is over leveraged.

I guess if the system bought 3 contracts and you were 50% scaling, you would end up with 1 or 2 contracts?

Does C2 round up or round down on a 50% scaling? Would be major headaches if it rounded down on the selling:

System bought 6 contracts for you and then the system tried to sell 3 contracts and another 3 contracts.

Would C2 sell 1 contract and 1 contract or 2 contracts and 2 contracts. Either case you would then be left holding contracts where you should not have any?

If the system only traded even lots you would be ok; outside of that not sure what results you would get?


Don’t guess, just read thru these two discussions. It is a lot of different stuff their, but scaling is explained very well.

C2 scaling 1

C2 Scaling 2


The system rounds down but adjust selling and buying for the right numbers.
It doesn’t scale exactly but it’s pretty close. You can have more details in the faq.


Thanks for looking that info up… Looks like it rounds down and then would try to autosync when you are out of sync.

Pretty much sums it up for me at least; Only way I would scale on a futures strategy would be:

  1. Scale in multiples of 100% (would always work).
  2. Scaling of anything other than 100% will only be predictable if the (scaling %) x (contracts traded) does not end up with a remainder


Yup, thats why I wanted this trader to scale down otherwise its not easy to follow


Making millionaires from billionaires :slight_smile:


I’ve subscribed to this strategy mostly out of curiosity and have kept the number of contracts low.

Also I am looking for good discretionary day trading strategies, and they are not easy to find…

The only one I’ve found and which I really like so far is OPN W888

If you guys know of any other, I’d love to take a look and will open a new thread for that purpose

Now back to Millonnaire Maker, after a couple of days of seeing the trades come into my account, seeing them against the chart, here’s what I saw, and I am myself an active trader who likes to day trade… I’m looking to delegate here :slight_smile:

There are way too many trades !
I can’t see much proper sniping, more like lots of shooting
I can see many positions (not all) taken into a dip, but it looks very risky as positions often taken when no confirmation candle or volume is present to indicate bounce is likely to sustain for the scalp.
I can see losing positions left for way too long, hoping for a recovery
I can see some good positions
I can see decent profit taking as far as scalping is concerned, but if higher probability trades were taken, this could be improved in clear trends that have gone his way

I can also see a lot of hard work, and I’d like to encourage MM to try and select his trades more carefully, and as others have said, limit his number of contracts. I think he can be successful, but, in my view there is too much of what feels like impulse trading and should shift towards deliberate trading executing a clear plan. I found myself on the edge of my seat despite the small size I took, and monitoring what he’s doing as I get worried of what is happening. This, I don’t get with OPN, who I can now trust has a real plan and true, true mental discipline.

I hope MM can make us a million, and as it is now, I couldn’t tell, but I’m going to keep him with all protections in place for the month and see if maybe I’m proven wrong on a few of my impressions.


Another big loss day for a highly touted system that has never been tested in live markets. I hope no one is losing much?


Anyone going long the futures could easily have made money instead of losing money.


Sorry, I meant long the equity futures


I ended up stopping the experience. The amount of trades is just too much and I can’t make much sense of too many. I like a good day trading system with an involved trader, but there is a happy medium in terms of frequency. I feel the big winner here is the broker. I’ll check in with the system in a few months to see how it’s doing, and I certainly wish it well.


Hope you didn’t stop it before today!
Jayy is killing it! BOOM


MM is not listed on the board as of today???


Did the same thing last week…


Shorting 12 $ES or long 16 $ES contracts on 50k. 1.68million to $2 million exposure. I can’t see anybody in there right mind with $50k is willing to risk leverage like this.