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Day trading system (MillionaireMaker)


Jayy, I love you dog, but I do note that the system made $0 when there were live contracts traded. Didn’t bother me at first, but I saw today you bought and sold ES contracts at the exact same time, for mad profits. That don’t sit well with me bro.

Keep killin’ it man, but I gotta pass foreva on this piece.

Word out.


That’s cause the trades didn’t last over a minute. 20-40 seconds and since c2 doesn’t do seconds.


Jay, your trading method does not work in C2. IT WILL NOT WORK. You should think about slippage, commission and your subscribers. You can hit a new record high , but your subscribers WILL NEVER get same winning trades. C2 will give bad price position for all subscribers because of delay and out of control. I have been trading more than 1000 trades and still trading right now, so I know exactly what will happen to your subscribers. There is no point if you make money but your subscribers do not make same profit or even loss.


Yes it seems that way and most don’t like the leverage i’m using, which imo is fine with stops on each trade. I’m getting a separate brokerage account setup for a much slower pace market profile style trades and keep current one for record keeping of my own trading.


@Jayy, a suggestion to you might be to also tone down the number of trades and just focus on high profitability trades more since your equity curve looks like a roller coaster ride…lol

Maybe stop taking those scalp trades more if possible since C2 will not be able to send out the signals fast enough to be able to match your timing.


How would you know that?

Historical Sharpe ratios are not listed on C2, only current ones.

Usually, the highest Sharpe ratios on C2 are for new strategies (which then deteriorate), and I can assure you that you do not have the highest Sharpe ratio ever on C2. Just looking through the files on my computer (which doesn’t have much C2 data on it), the highest past Sharpe ratio on C2 that I found was 8.4. While that is somewhat higher than your score of 6.7, I doubt even that 8.4 score was “the highest ever for a C2 system since C2’s 2001 inception.”

So it would be better to say that you have the highest current Sharpe ratio.

Further, what little evidence we have here suggests that high Sharpe ratios are the third highest predictor of poor returns going forward. See the statistical analysis in this post: I just want to vent a little

In any event, keep up the good work.


Matt already closed a few 2000% return a week strategy that malipulating the instant bid and ask glitch. U make like .1% on every trade.


Jayy since you feel using that kind of leverage is good for the subscribers why don’t you go TOS and use real money at the same levels your trading at. Its always easy to be comfortable and ok with leverage when its not your real money being leveraged. Not trying to be rude but this is a fact we have seen a lot of on C2.


I just checked the Grid. There are currently 2 strategies with higher Sharpe ratios than 6.7. One has an 8.4.

And your strategy’s current Sharpe ratio (5.04) is now 10th on the Grid, which is, of course, still fabulous.


Roller coaster ride… my thoughts exactly…

Maybe this kind of trading is about making a million (of trades) :wink:


Anyone else notice that “Cumul Return” is not updating for this system? I’ve seen it elsewhere too. C2 bug?



Last week my Sharpe ratio was 7 and then because of a drawdown it went to 5. Now I have made back 70% of that drawdown but my Sharpe has not updated from the 5 reading, it will update to a higher value soon.
What I wrote should be meant at the time of writing not after a random time thereafter.
I just checked the grid, and saw Sharpe ratio 8 reading for a system having traded less than 40 times. There is another 8 reading for Rememory with 8.6% drawdown and 11.3% cumulative return. It is obvious that you cannot get an 8 risk-return minus risk free assets from 8.6 and 11.3 inputs.
I may not be the first but could be close.


give it a yr or 2. I have seen double digit sharpe. Simplicity trading use to have double digit sharpe for almost 10 months. now is bye bye. or still sucking in money after 100% drawdown. I love how so many strategy still alive after 90%+ draw down.

That use to be one of the most subscribed strategy on here. I dont know if its real or its a test. I never seen so many C2 employees subscribe to a strategy. I remember seeing so many c2 team was shown “subscribed” on the right last yr on that strategy.


There’s something weird going on with C2. One of my strategies, 3 FOLD, suddenly started showing 100% drawdown (not real) today and as of today the equity curve graph shows a huge downward spike on Saturday March 3rd (???) to ~$50k in equity, which is also not real.


Probably a bad tick in their data. Send request to help desk.


Looks like the end is nearing for MillionaireMaker…lol. We all warned the developer/trader that using the martingale approach regularly will eventually catch up and wipe out his account. (In this case I doubt he’s even trading with his own money).

Today was a huge loss of 11k on a single trade!


WOW… 64 trades by 12:36 PM EST !!! many or most of the trades lasting less than a minute. This is totally not suitable or even doable under the C2 platform unless on autotrade. and 148 contracts roundtrip, approx $1400 in fees… I think this points to a lack of vetting out strategy developers. Is C2 just letting any ole person sign up as a Strategy Developer, with no thought of the subscribers? What (if any) is the screening process by C2 before a developer is allowed to post a strategy for subscription?


“A Fool and his money are soon parted.”

If people aren’t smart enough to realize these guys are charlatans, and want to chase the quick buck, they deserve to lose it.

But not Jayy! He gonna tear it up yo!!! :wink:
Look out, to the moon!!! :rocket:


Yeah right. Today he lost 20%.
I call that “kamikaze trading”. :wink:


The screening is in the track record. Also, many so called professionals wipe out, that is the nature of trading.