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Day trading system (MillionaireMaker)


Again. Non tos. He’s got nothing to lose but $30. They will all come back with a new name and a new gimmick strategy.

I pretty much don’t sub to any strategy who brag or advertise on forums. They are all eager to get performance and not willing to get 6-12 of track record.


@Jayy, there has been no trades today have you decided to shutdown already?


@Jayy comin back y’all! Haters gonna get owned! Just swing harder Jayy! More contracts!

(In other news, our favorite strategy has gone private. As Trump would say, “Sad!”)


Oh yeah! Keep it up!


Holy roller coaster, Batman!


just sub millionairemaker and sub Chubs 7500 as a hedge? our double digit sharp ratio strategy (which he brags about after 3 months) is not doing so hot.


@osutai Are you talking about Chubs 7500 which is up more than $4100 since inception?
I never bragged by the way. What I did was post quantitative facts here on the forum.


The top definition of bragging doesn’t take into account if the statements are facts or not, “excessively proud and boastful talk about one’s achievements or possessions.” See there is no description of the achievements being false. Just saying you all may be talking about the same thing but defining it differently.


@TroyFreeman You are right. Speaking about quantitative facts may be perceived as boastful. Although I did not have the intention of sounding boastful.


C2 will eventually falter under lawsuits for recklessness and negligence on how they just let these wild systems out in the open clearly majority are scams. The best part is they promote some of these traders, like last year and even before they promoted a few systems, and did interviews with them, the traders touting their bullshit I’ve been trading for 20 years, and the systems blew out the whole account.


millionairemaker been killing it lately! BOOM! still not a sub yet


can i ask what a sub is? i just started not sure how this all works


someone who subscribes or pays for that strategy


The problem with this scalping method is the subs get different fill prices. But its interesting to watch. If any sub that has no fear they can give it a try…lol


Up over 60% in 11 days. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


This aged poorly after 3 days :grimacing:


lol…roller coaster ride! When is the next ride up?


Just look at all those 12 contract trades on a 50k account! Bust or boom they say! lol


There we go …boom today! lol


Yeah. So sorry guys I can’t even fake cheer for this strategy any more it’s so ridiculous.
Some guy throwing around way to many contracts in a funny money account. IMO anyone who subscribes deserves to lose their money. Sorry. GL all.

-DZ out.