Matthew, Demo account doesnt reflect my status!

Hi Matthew,

I am currently in a buy position on gbp/Usd, But the Demo account for Auto trades shows that I sold Gbp/Usd !

Also the price data feed has been completely frozen for few hours now.


Sorry, Never mind the auto trades, I got confused because of the price data feed. But I still can see different price fills.

Just let me know how to close my trade in the future if we get this price issue again. Perhaps closing the trade then have you looking at the time of closing would be the best solution to adjust results, Correct?

Yes. We have had a series of problems with FXCM’s forex quote feed these past two days. They are looking into it. In the meantime, please let’s try to muddle through. Submit trouble tickets when appropriate and I will try to respond in a timely way.

Here’s info on how to fill out a trouble ticket: