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ETF UNITS Take a Look


I see. Not “outing” anyone. It’s out there in the public.

@CoreyR how do you find that out? Thanks.


I assumed since the name was appended with a “2” that he may have had a primary account with just his name only. Typing that name in the C2 search bar did indeed bring up a Jake Thatcher.

Clicking on the name shows the strategies he is either simulating or subbed to.

I also assume this is the same person.


Carl, I don’t think Dog was “outing” anyone. He was just stating a fact. Obviously anyone on C2 can easily see who is simulating or subbing various systems.


Yeah I saw that. Assume this is the same person too. However it says “following”, which does not mean subbed. One of them is a simulation for sure. Others too far in the past but I’ll guess simulation.

All very strange. If only Tom Mearis were here to help. Ah well. We’ll never know.


It’s been a wild ride and I expect to see a slew of new systems stepping in to jump in the potential turn in the market, but as an investor, I would not buy any system under 8months old unless it showed me a unique angle that seemed viable. Etf Units has held its own in this volatile environment. Pretty easy to get in after a big dd. and ride it up, but is that talent or is it just obvious that the market is turning around?


“It’s been a wild ride”

yeah especially when you trade 1/2 your portfolio in a TRIPLE inverse crude ETN (DWT)

" I would not buy any system under 8months old "

I couldnt agree more. Yours included. Special consideration possible for TOS traders.

“Etf Units has held its own in this volatile environment”

Thank the good lawd DWT turned around for you. Easy to sit through a horrible trade without your own nuts on the line.


While I agree with everything else you said, he didn’t have 1/2 the account in DWT. He was trading in and out of it and C2 just combined the trades.
He did do something kinda sneaky though - which is to leave 1 share still open in DWT and trading, so C2 wouldn’t close the trade and we wouldn’t know what he owned. Seen it before, not a fan.


Raji, don’t be bitter, it’s just money and I have plenty of it. Trust me, it doesn’t make you happy. It’s the little things like, long walks on the beach,
the smell of a rose or the sounds of birds chirping. That’s what I enjoy.
I’m not hungry and I have plenty of time to study markets and filters.
My goal is to be successful not rich, which I already am.

Tomorrow will be a big down day according to futures for Etf Units. In my opinion, tomorrow morning presents a great buying opportunity.
The Power of Units is Here. Feel the Power.


Carl, not bitter and in fact am completely amazed at your response. I really hope you walk that talk. I never expected that response in a million years.




“He was trading in and out of it and C2 just combined the trades.”
Good on ya Zebra, i stand corrected. That is quiet sneaky however. Some of these developers never cease to amaze me with their creativity.


Well thanx.
I left 1 share open because I knew I’d be back in DWT in the near future.
I didn’t have any subscribers at the time and as you can see by my history, I’m not afraid to take a loss.

I’m for the most part staying with the plan of buying and selling in 5% increments per filter trigger, sometimes I may go above or below by 1% or so.

I invest many many hours a day in my system as do many other developers out here I’m sure. If I fail, it’s because the market beat me, not because i was reckless and didn’t care. I worry every day that I might fail so it’s really important that I do well. I think my system has done ok in a turbulent time where others have fallen fairly hard, but I also wish that it would have done better.
Hopefully in the coming weeks.


what does that even mean?


It means that as a new system with no subscribers that I didn’t want to start off with losing trades, it was a marketing decision. The other reason was I felt that Dwt would rebound, and it did. Not even close to some of the heiness atrocities out here by some highly unscrupulous leaders but I have no intention of doing that again. Just basically was trying to get on the radar.


I have no words… :man_facepalming:


Oh and the other reason was that I was hoping someone with ocd. would come along and continue to bump my thread about any nominal or trivial thing I do.


Let me see if I got this right…

-You made a trade. Turns out to be a loss.
-In order to hide the loss from potential subscribers, you keep one share still open (even though your performance clearly reflects it).
-You claim you felt DWT would rebound. If that’s the case why didn’t you just keep your whole position open?

Just checking.


Yes, a $12 loss, Even C2 encourages hiding trades for up to 168hrs.

Moving along, I did mention that Etf Units would take a hit today based on futures, I guess I got that wrong. ETF Units is up nicely. Sorry about that.


Would have been a $570 loss if you’d just closed it like a normal trade. There’s no shame in it. Losses happen. If you’re trying to be one of those 90%+ win rate people you will die quickly here.

C2 allows you to delay so others cannot copy your trades real time, they aren’t encouraging you to hide your losses in some sneaky fashion.

Oh and no one would be looking at these “trivial” things if you didn’t spam the forum every week about…
“The Power of Units is Here. Feel the Power.” You bring the attention on yourself.


Wrong again, C2 ultimately allows leaders to hide trades for marketing reasons, their own, and staying within my thread is not spam.
Don’t you think it’s about time to grow :top:

I’m doing great here, not interested in your angst.


Even staying in your own thread, providing every comment with a counter-comment is also considered spamming, you are basically spamming your own thread, not the forum. In that objective view, DZ is correct. You are protecting your system, but you are not providing trivial comments, it’s just bickering between you and them.

Your system is young, three months old, most systems fail before the system is 6 months old, there are almost no popular systems that also have a constant gain in subscribers and are above 2 years old. In this world, the C2 world, you are considered a newbie (not considered bad, but you’re just new, like me), and as a newbie, just provide people with relevant information and answer questions people have about your system. Don’t boast, don’t claim, don’t bicker, just try and stay objective to the community. It might also just boost your subscriber amount :slight_smile:.