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ETF UNITS Take a Look


Etf Units has hit new highs.

Going on 3 months and just rolling along.

100% winning months.

I understand many of you have suffered losses in the last couple of weeks
following losing systems, or VixTrading systems that signed up after a crash that did well until there was another crash. But ETF UNITS confronted the meltdown and came out a winner.
Join the fun for just $95 When you join say “Carl, I want you to lock in my $95 membership for a year” and I will do so.
Happy Trading!!


Since he keeps posting lets dig a litter deeper.

@RJV63, while he did not have 50% of his portfolio in DWT, he DID have almost 50% of his portfolio in JNUG by mid-September. A 3x levered ETF that is down over 99% since it’s creation 5 years ago.

Looks like safe diversification there. Behold the power of units.


I don’t think there is any incentive for him to keep listening to you DZ. Not that you must stop, but I think it will just end up with him disagreeing and putting it on something else.

It just keeps this topic from going on and on…


New 3 month high and top 4 gainer over last 60 days in stock category, in a very volatile market environment.

Etf Units May be what you’ve been looking for.
Etf Units May be ideal for you if,

  1. You are seeking to diversify. I buy in approximately 5% units for added safety.

  2. You are looking to hedge, I achieve returns without using Spxl Tqqq Tvix etc.(May on very rare occasion)

3.Seeking an IRA. Friendly System.

  1. You are seeking a highly conscientious leader who does not deviate from the plan, with occasional exceptions when it calls for.

Join today for $95, and I will grandfather in the price indefinitely.
I am confident that once you experience the Power of Units you will never go back to your old methods of trading.


This is exactly why you can say you are a top 4 gainer over the last 60 days. October changed the stock market volatilely, but it is a common thing to happen in October. But I can name 10 systems that outperformed you over the last 90 days and there are even more, because stock algorithms performed great overall in August. It’s a bit of picky marketing if you ask me.


Yes for sure…


Get ready to take a journey. A journey along the path, The ETF UNITS path.
As we all know, even the best systems in the world have drawdowns and ETF UNITS has just experienced a SUBSTANTIAL DRAWDOWN!
We also know that buying a winning system at the peak, is a recipe for disaster. The highly intelligent trader buys low and sells high.
ETF UNITS, normally $595 a month is now only $95. Buy within the next 48hours, and I will lock in price as long as you remain a member. I have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in my system that I have nurtured for so long. I am dedicated to my system, I trade my own hard earned money using the same methods.

I’ve had a handful of folks asking if I can charge less for this system but I simply cannot, considering C2s fee and it would not be fair to anyone else.
I expect a sharp move next week. Should be interesting.
I’m really excited. Happy trails.


@DOG_ZWOW, your used car sales approach is not going to help you achieve subscribers. The proof is going to get you subscribers and you have no proof.

By saying you use to charge $595/month and now its $95/month and the fact you trade your own funds is also pretty scammy. If you did trade your own funds your system would already be a TOS system.

I wish you the best but you don’t sound like an honest person. :laughing:


Stuck another 40% of his strategy into a 3x levered ETF. Good diversification there.

He sounds like that old guy “Thanos” (remember that guy, the “future of trading”) with his advertising after a drawdown.

*If a stock is down you may be able to buy the company at a more "value"able price. Buy Low. Makes sense.
*If a strategy is down… well… there is no intrinsic value to a strategy. No book value. Not really cheaper, it has just done poorly. That’s all. No value there.

It’s ok. He’ll come back with a new name in the next month or two. Watch for some guy touting an ETF system. Just like “Tom Mearis” and “Brad Sellers”…

I treasure quotes like this.


I think you are correct @DogZebra_Investing, I thought his wording had a familiar ring to it.


I know @DogZebra_Investing, I am quite entertained at his used car sales tactics but on an investment level I would suggest everyone to avoid this guy. :rofl:


Only 3 months are making profit and the 4th month, wipe all profits from first 3 months and currently in negative. This is very common behavior and off course paper money. I’m just wondering, in outside world, people is making money but in the long run at here, the final result is really matter.


so true… but just the direction was wrong :scream:


Turned to dust, as expected


He’s gone private again so that means he will be back under a new ID eventually. Keep a watch out for a guy that has the same wording.


Just watching the hunt :slight_smile:


Just looking back at all the previous advertisements and posts he made. Such a clown.
“57 filters”. “5% increments”.

All complete BS.


I think you had it right with Brad Sellers. Shouldn’t be hard to spot him again. All about attention-seeking and not about trading.