Fee per trade instead of 99 $ per month

I am planing to trade a system doing 30 trades per month. So i would be better of paying per trade instead of 99$ / 30 resulting in more then 3 $ per trade. Is there a solution for this problem ?


It depends where you reside and which asset classes you trade: we do have a fee-per-trade for US clients trading Futures and Forex. Most other asset class/residency combination we are only allowed to charge with a flat monthly fee.

I am based in austria / europe and planning to trade forex.
Is there a possibility for fees per trade ?
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Your question was addressed via private message awhile back, but for the benefit of the C2 community, I wanted to post the answer publicly. At this time, FXCM can support per trade pricing for AutoTrading forex. Contact the C2 help desk, if you have an existing FXCM account or need help opening a new one.