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How Is Everyone Doing YTD?


I agree.

I´m trading the 30k Portfolio with 30.000 USD initial capital.

I don´t employ other strategies now because this portfolio employs 11 different trading systems and I don´t have enougth capital for do it, but there are others than I have interest and I will add in future if they have low correlation.


I only recently started on C2 (mid-June). I started trading Simplicity Trading at various scales (100%, 150%, 200%) depending on when I was adding in other systems or not on a $100k account. He has a 96% success rate. Concern of course is he has been LONG in all his position since November so what happens on a bear market. The six trades I was involved with would have netted me about $21k in 3.5 weeks but I panicked a couple of times and got out of trades early and one in particular I scratched (I would have made $8k on that one trade). I also traded with Tech Surfer Aggressive but NQ is a bit nuts and his trades seemed to go a bit random. Ended up just slightly with him (few hundred bucks). I also tried out Trade XPert Crude Oil but seemed to just be chewing up my money.

After 4 weeks I am up about $8k on a $100k account after all fees and subscriptions so about 8%. In the coulda shoulda woulda department it was 21%.

I am experimenting with a sub account (I use Tradovate) which allows me to manually trade along with the auto trading (which happens in the main account). If I trust the auto trade entry position more than myself (I do) then I use it as an entry floor and in the sub account I stay on the same side of the position (you can’t hedge as that is illegal) but I may scalp a few times again trusting the basic knowledge of the auto trading algo that I have come to mostly understand the profile of. Nothing great but up about $250 doing that with no losses with that strategy.


nice return. what systems are you in?


Interactive brokers I have a sharp of 4



It seems, you are developer. What trade do you use? Nice performance for short period


IB and Its for 7 months and hurtfully will just get better:wink::wink:


let us know which system so we can join.


Tee’s Money
and my broker is Interactive


Tee’s money is only up 3.1% , How did you make 80%, were you in other systems?


I joined lately to C2
on my portfolio Via IB I am 80% really money, In IB you cant use portfolio analysis on demo


So you were trading on your own to make those gains right?


Do you have track record before 2017 n are you able to show it to your potential subscribers?


Yes, I manage individuals money, so small advisor


This method I started in october


As we end July, how is everyone doing? I am up about 24% YTD.


July was a good month, mid year report card is below.

YTD stats as of April 23 2017 to Current

  • Total Return 43.91%

  • Total Pips 977

MTD stats for July

  • Total Return 21.40%

  • Total Pips 527



Up 18.5% for July and 68.9% YTD.


Up 18.5% for July and 68.9% YTD.


Up 18.5% for July and 68.9% YTD.