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How Is Everyone Doing YTD?


Up 18.5% for July and 68.9% YTD.


Update 8/28. I am up 24k after all fees. Still with ST. I have one autotrade account and a manual sub account that I use to take gains throughout a longer trade. That is still working for me.


I am up around 25% YTD. Hoping to end the year around 40-50%


My system YTD return 59%…


Cut the price to $50 and it will attract more people. People are willing to Test it out for 50 but at $99 the chart from last year looks terrible even though you have changed up your strategy.


Thanks TT3 for your suggestion. I offered 25% off coupon, seeing lots of interests coming, I will return to normal price after a month, and let the performance run.


If you look into the description part, you will know that the 39% draw-down was happening in later 2016 during which we were adjusting our system. Since Jan 2017, the performance (YTD 59%, with about 15% draw-down is much expected.

We left data of 2016 for a purpose, to remind us the progress we have made.

Of course, we are not expecting everyone would look into these details, but would expect serious and diligent user will. :slight_smile:


That drawdown is there and you did accept that. You shouldn’t be changing a system on clients and if you do, you should have started a new system.

Please visit my strategy.


Well, I don’t compare my strategy to others, by name, in the comments section, but since you have initiated it, I will respond.

I looked at your strategy and as of the time of this writing, you have initiated 82 trades and your cumulative returns is 0.4%!! At this rate, factoring in commissions, anyone following your strategy is on a sure path to ruin.

Maybe you should work on improving your strategy first before you go around comparing such pitiful performance against other strategies in the comments section.


LOL, I’ll be here long after you’re gone. You’re talking about risk of ruin and you have and average acceptable drawdown of -56.25% across 5 strategies, along with an average gain of +9.1%
I’m just getting started at +3.5% A.P.R after fees, that’s going to average out at about +13 to +15% a year.
You have 99 trades after 13 months, I’m going to have about 1,144 trades in that time.
So, looking at those stats, who’s more consistent ?


There is no client at that time… So we are kind of free to make detailed adjustment.


If you are so sensitive, fragile and thin skinned, maybe you shouldn’t read this thread.


I can´t belive than you are employing 1 month of data to obtain conclusions…
A basic rule of statistical analysis is to have enougth sample size.
Bad way to promote your strategy.


Like over 16 years, over 11,000 discretionary trades and tens of thousands of screen hours.
I think everyone needs to take a breath and relax. You may not like what I am saying, but most of your guys drawdown is massive, to the point of being unacceptable. All I am doing is making a factual statement intended for those with less experience and only looking at the gains, when looked at from a different angle a lot of over looked strategies are in fact more profitable.


I see you are new here which probably explains your approach to these forums. I have been posting my strategies for many years here on C2. The old strategies that you refer to have either been killed or are no longer traded. Warts and all, I have been willing to put it all out there.

My current strategy has performed well so far (about 14 months old). I see that you have created 3 strategies (and it looks like you have been on C2 for about a month). I don’t want to get into a pissing contest with you so lets just let our current results speak for themselves. I don’t engage in predicting how my strategies will do, like you seem to be content to do, I just manage them to achieve the best performance possible, based on my methodology. I have added your strategies to my watchlist to monitor your performance. Maybe we can re-visit this topic when you have been around for a while.


There’s no contest, you’re aiming directly into the wind.
All I did is state a fact that your average drawdown is -56.25% with an average return of +9%, you are massively upside down -on average.
What has happened is you became accustomed to no one questioning your stats and you started believing your own hype, that you are a Global Investing Leader, well you are not.
I fully understand your anger and frustration, but you are directing it the wrong way. You need to internalize it, convert that into becoming a better trader.

Boo ya :tada:


You are correct, there is no contest!

GIR Global Leaders - Cumulative Return +45.8%; +57.9% YTD.

EvenFlow 0 Leverage FX - Cumulative Return +0.4% (from 82 trades); and charging $313/month, for that!!

Come back when you have something to talk about! Until then, please don’t interrupt the grown ups!


You’re charging 2.4% per year on 25k while I am charging 1.5% per year on 250k. Truth is, I’m charging less and am more productive.


any regular users want to ring in and share how you are doing YTD% instead of developers arguing who has the better system.


For all those wannabe trade leaders here, please do your contests in another thread. It is super annoying that you claim your systems are better than the rest of the world although you have nothing proven here at all. Instead of spamming all the threads just think about why no one subscribes to your systems… Maybe you will find out on your own.

And as a side note for this newbie who draws conclusions and comparisons after just one month of posting trades here: stop this BS. You are charging 313$ for a one month old system with not even spectacular returns??? Good luck with that, you will quickly realize that the average subscriber is far away from paying this much. Nice calculation that you charge 1.5% p.a. Why did you not start with a million, then you would only charge 0.37% which would of course be ridiculously cheap compared to the standard 2/20 that professional hedge funds charge. You would see much more subscribers of course with this kind of fees… Before answering, please think carefully about what you are saying here because so far, you did not do yourself a favor.