How to get REAL support

I am a bit frustrated that my questions to multiple support points at C2 get no where. Can anyone tell me the magic mantra how to get C2 answer questions that we have? or perhaps it is that no one gets any service? That would be sad.


Hi Variance:

Last week (I think) you submitted multiple trade trouble tickets, and I think I responded to them pretty quickly. I do not see any other trade trouble tickets open for you at this time. If I’m wrong about this, then I apologize; please let me know.

If you sent another question to the help desk address ( then I’m sure Melissa will answer it as quickly as possible. I’ll double check with her now – do you have a case # I can ask her about? (And of course I can look into it too.) The reason I ask for the case # is not to be formalistic and annoying, but rather because sometimes people send queries from email addresses not linked to their C2 accounts, and so it can sometimes be tricky to match a service request to a forum poster, etc.

Let me know the specifics and I’ll try my best.


Just forwarded it again to that email address u gave above. Thanx for taking a look into this.


Thanx Mathew… Very quick and to the point response.

Best Regards


Can you please respond to help ticket 6364