Impossible is nothing

It’s Saturday. I’m a huge football fan. So essentially it’s Championship Eve.
Niners and Eagles.
Bengals and Chiefs.

Eagles Chiefs Superbowl.

So it’s Saturday.
And I get to fantasizing a bit…
What if…
I mean just what if.
A strategy could produce profits consistently, for a year or two. Win every month. Pull down a minimum profit 50% a month.

Got the Knicks and Nets on the set…
But I’m thinking fantasy now.

So $6000 at 50% a month is…
Doubling the account every sixty days.
Okay 10k. At 50% a month. For 24 months.
Reinvesting all profit, and doubling the contracts for every 10k in profits.

That can’t be right.
That can’t be done.
10k to 36 mil in two years…


This should be a fun explosion to watch…

If Jim Simons and Warren Buffet haven’t “pulled down a minimum profit of 50% a month” for 24 months then you sure as hell ain’t.

Especially if you’re also watching the Knicks.

(On the other hand, you will double your trading account long before the Knicks win another championship; I’ll at least give you that.)

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