Incomes of Top Traders? I'm A Bit Confused

I know I’ve posed the question in a different way but maybe the direct approach would be better.

For the year 2023, without giving names or strategies traded if you prefer not to (but that would be nice :grinning:), what was the 1099 incomes of the top earners?

I guess I cannot get anymore direct. Thank you in advance.

Curious question. I suspect the link you got in your earlier post is by far the best indicator of this that you’ll get. At best, a few top earners may deign to tell you exactly what you ask, but were I one, I would likely consider the number a part of my kit, my tools, my trade secrets, and would not offer it willingly. I’m tickled enough to get the insights that @GaryLynn2 offered you (I did not realize such details were available), and it’s more than enough to ballpark what the top trade leaders earn. I look forward to someday being on that list (a bit early for that, but I have high hopes), but I can’t let that be my worry now. The focus now is solely to build the track record that earns my place on that future list.

Forgive my ignorance but I received an email from Michael Klein recently talking about the nice money that can be earned. He stated his top earner has earned over $782K, #2 earned $573K, #3 earned $209K. and #4 earned $207K.

It is based on that particular email that I am trying to formulate a plan to become on that list. Again forgive my ignorance, but where can I find this information? There must be some sort of training or at least an outline to acheive the aforementioned success.