Is it worth it?

So here is the question…I run a strategy called (Futures) that I trade in my IB account and use the leader technology to feed into C2. I am thinking about just forgetting about the C2 platform since I make much more just trading it than I probably would having subscribers, and I am scared that I can loose my focus and hurt the performance. Besides most subscribers will probably bail after a couple of loosing trades anyway, so why bother…or?
I recently opened it up with 10 slots just to see, but not sure if I will keep it open for very long pending on how it affects my trading.

Anyone else been dealing with this issue? Would love some constructive feedback…

From customer point of view - you looking for specific type of subscriber, which will tolerate high DD with limited record. And you suggesting that current 30% DD is low because is affected by thinking about subscribers and thinking about subscribers doesn’t give you “full freedom” in your trading. Is “full freedom” less DD or more DD or more P/L and who cares about DD?

Somehow all developers that are on C2 (something like 95%) thinking just about P/L, and sooner or later they will stay without subscribers or they will never gain subscribers. And all developers that just think about DD (something like 5%) will gain all subscribers month after month with patience.

With DD is the same like with climbing mountain. Higher DD, higher mountain and statistically shorter life of climber. Why most customers run from higher DD because they want to have “financial tomorrow”.

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Well this is how I trade and if someone can’t handle it they should not subscribe to a highly leveraged high return futures strategy. I will not change my trading style based on what people want, what you see is what you get. When your goal is over 100% annually it won’t come without some pain…Thanks btw, think you just answered my question.

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30% of DD can be easily converted to 15% for subscriber using 20k capital. It will not be 100% per year, but 50%, which is good as well. DD and returns in % are not applicable for futures trading, ususally it should be dollar amount per 1 contract traded. Unfortunately C2 measures everything in %s, thats why your system can lose the race to another system with the 15% DD on larger capital. And dollar DDs (= subscriber risks) can be the same.

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That’s my point about most developers mentality. P/L first, P/L second, P/L third and undefined pain as DD.

If you climb in high mountain and you define risk as “some pain”, sooner or later you going to kill yourself. When the bad weather will come, you will stop thinking rationally. And you could save yourself going to the base on the first prognosis/sign of the bad weather or “some pain” described as risk.

I have been a full time trader for a long time (20 years+) and haven’t killed myself yet, so I’ll take my chances. I trade this small IB account in parallel to my main account for the purpose of feeding trades into C2, which is why the percentages are so high. Focusing on P&L too much you say…well that’s what I live from so yes, kinda important. Like JITF said the % DD etc will depend on how big your account is, so if this was traded in a 20k account it would be up 36% in 3 months with 15% DD. You have to be realistic about risk/reward, it’s simple math.

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Somehow focusing by 20+ years on P/L doesn’t make you independent of current P/L as you stated.

Sure I can fix your strategy on my side (multiple strategies, allocate more money to your strategy or scale down you allocation, etc). The point is that I saw thousand strategies like yours, making 30% DD in first 1-2 months. Guess what, I don’t remember a single one that survived 2-3 years. Always it is a bigger DD is in your future.

Explain me, why subscribers needs to “fix” your strategy by allocating more money to it and why you could not do it when you start strategy by increasing twice your C2 account size? On the end of the day, your P/L in your private account will be still the same. just P/L twice less on C2 account. Is it really 100% P/L on C2 account so much important instead 50% P/L and twice less DD? As you see strategy like Don’t Worry has also subscribers.

Yeah you are correct, I could double or triple my account size and sort it out like that, however I don’t like to have dead money sitting there and very often nudge up against my margin, just the way I trade. Like I said earlier, this is how I trade and if someone wants to follow it that’s cool, but I will not change my trading style to try to make a few extra bucks from subscribers. It is what it is and if you are the average subscriber I will quit C2 right now, since it would not be worth the hassle honestly.

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You could have real account 10k and create C2 account with 20k initial size. Twice less P/L, twice less DD on C2 account, same P/L in your private account and no dead money.

BenB lost me when he couldn’t spell “losing” correctly.

marekj is correct: “Always it is a bigger DD is in your future.”