Living Large Trading Joins C2!

Living Large Trading has just joined C2 to bring an easy strategy geared towards the average investor looking for returns that will make any trader proud. Our monthly subscription cost is only $99.00 per month and we offer a 30-day free trial.

With a starting portfolio balance with as little as $10,000.00 we’ll attempt to bring the simplest ES strategy that anyone can follow with ease.

Our first trade occurs shortly after the market opens. As soon as the market opens at 9:30PM EST, we’ll look for a short or long entry price depending on the market conditions at that time. Once our entry has been made, we will place a simple OCO order on that position and hold the position until one of the stops has been triggered or the close of the day. We do not hold any positions past 4:00PM EST.

The profit target and stop is always the same so there is no need to ever wonder what your risk will be on any given trade.

I hope you’ll join us on our journey and as always, please feel free to ask any questions along the way.

NOTE: We had a little bit of a rocky start due to errors that occurred on our part while getting familiar with the order entry screen however, we are happy to include them in our overall performance.

a link to the strategy.

Sorry about that, as we are still trying to familiarize ourselves with the site. I hope this is it…Please let me know if this doesn’t work.

Also, feel free to ask any questions now or in the future.

https://collective2. com/details/10067805 3

Thanks for checking us out!


Welcome on board. wugot strategy wishes you the best of the wishes.

Lejeune bauvil for wugot startegy.

Thank You Lejeune!

Please keep in touch and the best of luck to you!


It doesn’t hurt if your strategy is actually in the green. See you in 3 months…

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