Matthew: stuffing of the ballot box?

I think there has been some major stuffing of the ballot box going on with the Very Interesting Analyst Notes (as voted by users)

Robert Dubik has 11 comments on the list [in fact, he is number 1 through 10!!!], including this brilliant one:

"subscribed since 2/1/08"

Donna Kapok has been here 7 weeks and has 6 on the list. Someone commented they thought she may be linked to the guy you confirmed was using aliases (SuperchargedFX) This comment certainly deserves “very interesting:

“Trades futures and forex. Would be easier for subscribers and potential subscribers to view trade stats and subscribe if vendor would create two systems. One only for Forex and the other only for Futures instead of combining the two.Maybe it was true.”

Thomas Dawson has 6 on the list, including this insightful comment:


EVERYONE ELSE have a total of 6 comments!!!
Maybe this list would be more meaningful if you limit it to no more than one comment included per person???

This is the page:

Yeah, that’s definitely being skewed by a very devious individual. None of those comments are like the ones worth reading previously. Someone’s screwing with the site. Where’s Nelson Butuk?