Which strategies were up this week?

A real bad week for the market, no doubt.
Worst week in 2 years. It could’ve been worse.
If your strategy managed to MAKE $ this week, or you are a sub & want to share 1 that did, here is your chance.
Please include a screenshot & link if possible.
This MAY help us ALL better diversify our portfolios. We have been SPOILED by the raging bull and low volatility. MANY great strategies experienced new lower DD’s. I think we should all consider this week a “wake up call” for possible things to come. Be prepared. Consider using stops. Dip-buying only works if the market continues to climb.

My strategy, NQ FUTURES TIMER, was up 1.3% for the week net of commissions and monthly subscription charge.

Before I forget, lets keep this thread clean & simple. No debates with other developers, finger-pointing etc. Just screenshots of strategies that managed a win last week.
Thank you!

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+100 to this!

I would even relax the “condition”:

not LOSE $ this week, …

Thanks NormanBooth2!


Payoff Matrix is 1 that I subscribe to that had an up week…

Bitcoin Related Aggr was up 7.7% this week–and it is negatively correlated with the S&P500.

You requested a screenshot. Here is the last week:


2 our of 6 that I sub is positive. Vixtrader and Volatilitytrader. 3 others are down little 1-3%. And 1 simplicity trading got flushed, and not adding more funds so the leader can buy more contacts.

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Volatilitytrader didn’t lose any money last week.
But one year ago this strategy lost 250K (53%DD) during a bull market.
This trader obviously has a very poor money-management.

True, the year before he’s up 400%. Risk and reward. I only allocate 20% to it, so I didn’t panic and made it back in 6 months.