OEC demo account money


Sorry for posting this OEC-related question here, but since the sign-up to the demo account is done through C2, I thought someone here might help. I signed up for an OEC demo account (through the C2 form) and it’s been given $50,000. I want to try a C2 system but I want to allocate $20,000 to it and see how it works. I know I can scale autotrading to $20,000, but I don’t know if it will work just the same as if I actually had $20,000 in the account (think margin calls, etc). So, is there a way that I can change the demo account to $20,000 instead of $50,000? Logging in through OEC’s website doesn’t seem to work with the demo username/password I was given.



The OpenECry (OEC) demo account amount is fixed at $50,000 (and set at that amount by OEC, not C2). It might be possible to call OpenECry on the phone and ask for some personal customization, but I don’t know whether it is something that can be easily changed on their side.

Thanks Matthew.

Why the 14-day limit on the demo account? Is this an OEC-imposed limit? After those 14 days go by, will I be blocked from opening another demo account from within C2? Some systems may require more than 2 weeks to test properly, especially if they don’t trade very frequently.

The 14-day limit on demo accounts is imposed by OEC, not C2. (I think it has something to do with a limitation of their license to relay real-time quotes to non-paying customers.) I am aware of customers calling them and asking for an extension, which seems often granted.

I just had a 14 day demo with OEC and after the account was opened they automaticaly gave me another 14 days.