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Hello Ladies and gentlemens! My name is Paul. Owner Opn W888. In this topic we can chat about my systems. All questions that You have - You can Asking me. Wish You a good Day.

Nice, go TOS and I would look a bit more on your system.

I will go Tos, when get a some capital. It is the matter of time.

For reference. Two strategies Opn Meat and Softs are now in the experiment at 80% complete, so they should not be considered for subscription yet. On options, strategy Opn Options is better to consider it also for subscription in a couple of months, as changes are made in connection with past events. Thank you for understanding.

I have had the pleasure of being a subscriber of OPN W888 for about 6 weeks and I have to say I’m absolutely delighted. What a difference with other systems based on algos or trading every few weeks…

Paul is very active and each trade entry and exit is very well controlled indeed. He takes losses quickly when the pattern doesn’t respond properly and let’s his winners run very well indeed. Mostly adding to winners and not to losers. Or getting out of a trade to come back in later when momentum comes back.

No wonder he didn’t get impacted by the recent bloodbath and actually did really well out of it. In fact it was interesting to see that he didn’t touch any equity futures during the downturn, only focusing on his other products of choice. The result is a very nice equity curve I feel confident with.

The purpose of this review is for him to gain a well deserved exposure. At $88 his strategy, which I consider to be the best on C2, is a steal. Paul told me he would be looking at a logical gradual increase. Now is a great time to get a good feel for it.

As things lie now, and the disappointment I’ve had with other strategies, which I fortunately disconnected just before the large drop, I’m not finding anything else I like and OPN W888 is the only strategy I still hold and plan to keep.


Impressive so far man. I agree TOS would go a long way. Hope you get there soon.

I also like that the largest DD in a single trade for him has been 3% or so. And all you people out there focused on high win rates could learn something from this guy.

Well done sir. Good luck!

excellent stat. good job! (w888 one)

what i wrote on private chat to one of my clients who asked me about your system-
“2018-01-25 02:42:32 GMT+1
liked opn w888 as well. there are plenty of trades - good sample size to rely on statistics. looks like he uses very tight stops - and that is the reason for his low win ratio which is absolutely ok. In fact i like such system - most of my trend following system (not on C2) has win ratio in that range. longer track record and ratio of annual return to max drawdown ~ 3.5 which is excellent”

Only question I raised is below because you do manual trading
"concern would be system is concentrating on too many different futures - you can ask the developer how he goes about his business - ie how he is tracking the different markets"

You may answer that for the subscribers here :slight_smile:

I want to answer, how I tracking all markets on my system. A time in my country gives me a normal time to tracking markets, because I can see the main time of instruments. I usually trade by time at my country from 8-9 to 23:00 - 01:00 oclock. Its a all European session, American session and little Asia… It’s comfortable for me and time chosen for comfort trading. Have 1-2 hours hot. Another hours comfortable. :slight_smile: P.s. And time chosen goes from half of Day with my work. Another half use fully on trading. Thank. Regards

Hello DogZebra_Investing. My trade system based on money management by one position can be at 0,5 % - to 2 % loss… sometimes it will be at 3% with slippage.
Thank. You too. Regards

Thank Guillaume. Regards

About risks and profits. Usually risks goes from 0,5 % to 2 % by deposit… but as You can see the risks can be at 3% with slippage. Taking profit I usually choose at 3 or 4 by 1 loss… but can get a half of target when risks or profits run so quickly run … and so quickly leaves)… I think better give a little profit or get stop loss on 0% level… than get a Big target leave… Big target is good)… And on this rules based a system. Regards

Could you tell me what happened from 02/07/18 to 02/09/18? You had 17 losing trades in a row except for one $25 winner in the middle during that time frame.

Hello MohammadKabir! Yes, sure. In this days I was trade as in normal mode. In my system I use 3 strategy, 1 intraday and 2 Daily. In this period was many sygnals from 2 systems and it was be traded as need to system. There is 15 insruments in my system usually I tracking, and in this period was many sygnals from them.

Hello! I want to tell You about my trading style and margin recomendation on this time on OPN W888. As You can saw, I was writing in forums about risks and growing risks in system… And now I decided to this system make. As You know my system start and based on 50 k deposit… now we have bigger deposit as start, but risk is too big, than in 50 k. And now I decided to trade on this system risks. My system risks based on risks by 100 k deposit and this will be at 0,5% to 2,5 % on each position. But all positions can be devided on 2. What is this devided? Example. Each position can be start from 2 contracts and then 4, 6, 8, 10. And If You want to start or trading on 50 k deposit You can simply choose a scalling by 50 %… For everyone, who wants to trade with 50 k or with 100 k. deposit. I think it’s normal will be. Thanks for Attention. Best Regards. Paul

Hello Ladyes and Genthelments! If You Have some questions about strategyes, that I traded, You can ask me. Now, after last 2 crazy months, I want to show You some 3 strategy that calibrated with mistakes, that was be last months. And want to present one strategy, that can be normal in markets. It’s a OPN MT 888. The main positions will be open with limit orders. Another information if You want to know - please write to me.
Now Opn w888 calibrated with mistakes.
OPN zW888 NSP its calibrated to trends.
Another info You can ask me.
Thank’s You. Regards

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Hello! I would like to know from You, what criteria should be the strategy that You want to get?
For which capitals which DD?
If there was a large drawdown, does the strategy have to be re-examined, taking into account changes, and months for the changed trade?
For example, here are the strategies that I would like to give You for consideration:
One of them for a long time and is experiencing last year’s race.

The other one is taken from the first one and just went its narrow way itself.

The third after the completed races in training launched in swimming

The fourth such as the third, only another boat in another sea.

I would be grateful for Your feedback.
Best Regards.