P&L discrepency calculation

RE: system ID 35831579

Dear C2:

When I click on the "trade" link to view open positions, and add up the P&L I get ($573). C2 had been displaying a negative figure larger than ($5,000) however I hit the force recalculate button and now C2 is displaying ($2,287) …

The system ID is comprised of various long stock and long put positions.

It makes one wonder why the discrepancy in calculation in the two places of the C2 site.

You may not believe it – given the increasing sluggishness of the site as our user base is growing (more fixes coming soon for this) – but we use caching at various non-critical parts of the site to speed up the UI. This means that we’ll sometimes use an “old” value (an hour or so old) instead of recalculating a new value for certain numbers – such as buying power or marked-to-market P/L. When the time comes to actually place a trade and make sure you have the buying power to execute, then the “real” up-to-date value is used, so it’s really only a UI issue.

The problem is that different cached values are used in different areas of the site, or sometimes not at all, which is why you can see different numbers in different places. The theory is that given the time-frames we are talking about, the differences won’t be very large or noticeable. Your post obviously is evidence to the contrary.

I have noticed the P&L on the main system page grow larger and larger negative over a period of days (weeks?) … without me forcing a recalculation it continues to get larger over a period of days.

One would think that a force calculation by the system owner would "sync up" or put in queue to "sync up" at some point within a reasonable time period. ie when system CPU is at desired minimal level. This might be the fix that is required that you speak of.

I only bring this up because I think it may be worth looking into by you / your developers for the simple fact that any C2 system that is a longer term portfolio of stocks which trades stocks hedged with puts on a long term basis will be unsatisfied as a C2 customer due to the large negative portfolio number value is a questionable value not to mention is always publically displayed to non (potential) subscribers.

Matt, sounds like it’s time to make the move to SSD servers … http://www.storagesearch.com/ssd-fastest.html