Please fix errors

3/3 18:21




@ stop 447


Filled @ 449.10 3/3/11 18:22

3/3 18:22




@ stop 132.10


Filled @ 133.53 3/3/11 18:23

these stops were put is as sell stops and the software bought. Please cancel the orders and correct for futures income.

I’m afraid I must disagree with you. Server audit trail confirms you manually entered these as Buys, exactly as C2 recorded these signals.

What you see is the result of software error. I input sell on open and the stop amount. The software gave me a warning it may be marketable. I went through this several times. The warning clearly stated that I put a sell order in, in each case.

STO 1 @GFK1 FEEDER CATTLE at stop 132.20 Working Cance

Above is the order I placed yesterday. The server took it accurately…AND in real trading it executed earlier this morning. The server shows no trade in this one. WHY?


If you haven’t done so, please use the trouble-ticket system to initiate service requests for trades that you think are incorrect. It’s an automated system that will speed response time and make everyone’s life easier.

Here is a link that describes how to report a problem with a trouble ticket:

The example above has several screen shots which may help you.