Please Suggest good strategy

I was under no delusion that you would but remain curious about what exactly you meant by consistent monthly profit. Would any of the Old-timer strategies fit your needs? Expectations that exceed what exists on the Old-timers list seem unlikely to be achievable. So if non on that list meet them I imagine anything younger will eventually be brought down to the level of the Old-timer’s returns.

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I wish you well with Ark1 and the others like it. I assume you know the risks associated with it.


Oh lord. It’s not PF_Signal guy creating fake accounts and plugging his “new” systems is it?


It appears to be a remake.

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you are taking about which guy?

For my own records when my bookmark reminds me to view this thread again in a year:

Links to the profiles associated with pfsignals are below. At those pages strategy links can be found. If a strategy is private, a performance chart can be viewed by changing the word “details” in the url to “performance” to see old charts of the systems.

I know they are all associated because each profile has promoted the strategies when they were public via unsolicited private messages.



I personally subscribe only to TOS. I know it doesn’t mean there is no risk, but I feel much “safer” knowing the strategy leader trades his own money.

I would try to filter by this and look for strategy.

I hope that helps…

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can you guide me how to search only TOS strategy

Check my ONLY MES, I don’t day trade, it’s on trend, my return in 3 months is 300%+ by end of year it will be 1000%+

Can you provide a link?


Go to the C2 Grid and click on the “Trades own system” column to see all the TOS systems:
(There are currently 135 TOS strategies)

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so how do we handle 140% drawdown?

Haha why didn’t I think of that

Good strategy for what? Day trading futures, investing in stocks or what?


Plan for 1000%+ return for MES $50 subscription

I just got my one year reminder. Went to look through some of the strategies. Here is one example. Back in March 2022 (marked by the red line) some of us expressed concern. I wonder why???



I have a coupon code thats good until 3/31/2023 - UGEB46234 - I invite you to Simulate, Signup or put on Your Watch List. Yesterday would have been a good start day (notched a nice AUDUSD trade thnx to today’s Fed). My system is VERY protective of Trading Capital (<15% DD) - Fresh out of Development and Ready To Rumble:

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Do you have any interest in a principle preservation strategy with compelling ongoing income?

Would like share free subscription to my HIPP strategy on C2.

Would like to take this opportunity to introduce HIPP Income Strategy (Hedged Investment focused on Principle Preservation). You can try it at no cost until End of June 2023.

The account value required is about $20K ($12.5K for buying a long strangle & about $7.5K buying power for selling short term strangles). and monthly income generated is about $500-$700. Hope these returns give you a compelling reason to evaluate my strategy.

Connect with me at if you have questions.

Connect with me at if you have questions.