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Price increase for system "WaveRunner"


Of course it’s going to bounce back. You can’t stop the best ever…


Now he’s down to $110k, which is at a 89.9% drawdown…

Since I’ve started watching futures strategies, I’ve mostly learned to never get drawn in. If there’s a long term futures strategy that’s worked, I’d love to see it, but it looks like many of them are dealing with thinly traded assets that can go sideways too easily.


I just love this quote so much.


That’s the quote that keeps on giving.

I feel bad for his subscribers.

I subscribed during July and August and made some money, but there’s undoubtedly a number of people who got cleaned out since then.


This was one of my favorite simulations, too bad the simulation period ended. I was amazed by the ups and downs. Watch listing something doesn’t have the same thrills.


Having this strategy in simulation only can wipe out your sim account as well as a live account…lol :popcorn:

This strategy is getting close to the end now with margin calls shown already and is a classic over leveraged system.

Beware of these types of systems.


Hopefully he will come back under a different name and bless us with his wisdom again.
And maybe another price increase for his risk management skills.


I mean let’s be positive. He is still up 9000% for the year.


Lol…thats because he bought 1500 vix calls at 5 cents several times and gambled and won on a 10k account. I doubt that would ever have been filled in the real world.

Ahh but yes…he still has 100k+ left to gamble! :laughing:

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