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Private Strategy

Why would a trade leader with a strategy that appears to be successful all of a sudden turn it private?

they feel like if to many people used it they would not be able to get their fill of shares . its usually not true and allot of professionals like more people in because it will only add volume in the direction they want the stock to move

I’ve thought of taking mine private before because personal connections know about my strategies and it is cheaper for some than going through my website (which I don’t share on C2).

I agree with higher volume/liquidity equals better fills on both buy and sell orders. So that is why it didn’t make much sense to me that a good strategy would be set to private. It seems like strategy leaders that keep having failing strategies have their’s set to private.

I can understand limiting subs here if you are building your own base on a platform you own because you may plan to discontinue this platform. Prospective subs on C2 probably wouldn’t find your website so it can be fruitful to have both. Good luck on that project.

i know having a good fill is important but my indicators work more accurately on higher volume stocks by a long shot

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I have kept mine private OR with max allowed subs = 0 since 2016 because (a) I do not believe that it is fair and ethical to allow investors to subscribe to an half-baked strategy that has not yet been time-tested in all market conditions, and (b) because I find it silly to offer a strategy that has not yet reached a minimum trade sample size that is sufficiently statistically significant for me to justify and explain such or such performance outcome. Call me crazy but this is the bar that I have set for myself and my future subs.

As far as suddenly turning it private, I would argue that outside of shady practices to hide losses, it would be due to liquidity/crowding concerns.

If a trade leader is testing out their strategy here than it is definitely ethical to not allow subs to put real money on the line. If you already know your strategy works in various market conditions and you understand how it reacts then go right ahead and lets subs in early. I see a lot of ALGOs here that are relatively new and or have made adjustments which I find suspect. How are their’s going to be better than the big prop trading firms and the market makers? ALGO III strategy on here had been around for a few years and traded futures with solid returns. All of a sudden it went private…

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