Public access soon avaliable

I have 5 months of live track record at Fundseeder trading this in my TS account with similar results. In the process of setting up an IB account to use as a leader.

Stay tuned

Oh and btw, I trade all liquid futures contracts using a hybrid systematic/discretionary approach.
More details to follow.

Personally I don’t believe in the long life (more than 6 months) of the systems showing 15+% per month, but maybe you are that genius. Bought pop corn.

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Yeah I am skeptical about continuing that pace as well, guess we will find out…

make it public now so we can try it out

I want to have 6 months of performance first, so one more month and I will most likely. Someone told me I can potentially import my TS record so i will look into that

5 months or 6 months most people don’t care. people want to see real autotraders on it to see how it performs. make it public and free and you will get real feedback.

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agree with what TT3 said !

Might open it up after I get the IB leader account set up. Stay tuned…

Lotta short term wonders showing up recently. Replicate that performance and you won’t need C2. You’ll already be rich!

He’ll be rich & hopefully won’t mind sharing his strategy with his friends on C2…for cheap! :slight_smile: