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Strategy "LX Capital" For 3 months +200% (USA stocks)

Strategy LX Capital
I trade US stocks, profitable trades. Trade every week. For 3 months, the income is more than 200%

Profitability of the strategy since the beginning of the year

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Subscribe now. After a few months, a subscription to the strategy will cost more, most likely the strategy will become private.

So far, excellent results! Although, the max drawdown is significant, but you managed to get out. :+1:

Added to my watchlist.

Live link to your chart:

This was the beginning of the strategy, there was high volatility. Thanks!

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Reminds me of Timothy Sykes strategy he was doing in Wall Street Warriors.

That’s right, the strategy is similar. :wink:

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Reminds me one guy here on C2, he was buying hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of stocks when the volume of these stocks was around thousands or in best case tens of thousands. For sure he was very profitable.

Lets see. Open 100,000 short in COCP with the 5 min volume of 230,000 shares and close with 5 min volume of 33,000 shares. Good luck to subs then.

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I have a swing strategy, what kind of fool would trade such a volume in 5 minutes

Owner of the LX Capital strategy closed 100,000 shares position as I described above in a single order.

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COCP My income was $34,000 :wink:

I have been trading for more than 7 years. You’re a theorist, I’m a practitioner.

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We will see. Soon somebody attracted by demo profits will sign up, and we will see real execution prices, not demo trading.

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I have a real account of IB. Do you have your own strategy ? I’m sure you don’t have one. Don’t waste my time.

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That person is a trade developer for the past few years with a single unvisable strategy. Spends more time trolling.


Thank you, I feel sorry for him

Today +16%
01-12 May +63%

Thank you, those who became a subscriber, I try to earn money :sunglasses:

@JITF is one of the legit folks on here.

“I have a real account of IB.”… Why no TOS then? Look at all the money you left on the table! :laughing:

You had a 47% drawdown in the first 7 days.

Real subs now. This should be fun to watch. :popcorn:

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If I ever figured out how how to make 400% in three months consistently with significant amounts of money, I wouldn’t need C2 and wouldn’t bother with it.


The profit factor on this is good, but just like I stated in another thread 400% returns in a few months is not sustainable.

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Congrats, great short on RMED. I don’t do these types of trades, but watched youtube about Steve Dux, and that trade you did reminds me of the trades he teaches.

I trade on my own patterns, they are tested by time and the market

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InteractiveAssets You can’t make any money, you’re funny. Study the market, but you can’t do it :rofl:

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