SuperSystemXL Shutdown - thx for all the fish (learnings)

Shutting down my two systems - just closed all open positions manually.

and it’s less successful cousin

Not going private or hiding anything since (@DogZebra_Investing) always gets suspicious :wink:

Just did a cost benefit analysis and it’s not worth the effort maintaining them.
C2 seems to be slowly dying and with some of the platform shortcomings I’m not seeing much upside for serious trade leaders. My systems are also not very attractive for the average C2 investor profile - nobody wants a low draw down system - everyone is looking for a home run system.

I will do a blog post about what I’ve learned on this platform - thanks for all the tips and inputs

Nice job.
Good luck.

No shame in calling it a day. I myself did the same with systems in the past. I get the cost benefit analysis part.

In my opinion stock systems tend to be up against it on C2, due to the fact that you are being compared to forex/futures strategies a lot of time that use leverage that you can’t compete with.

You made positive returns and beat the market. Nothing wrong with that. Kudos for not going private. Who knows, someday maybe you’ll have a killer system ranked as one of the best on here. Just keep grinding bud.