The best is coming soon! YM MAGIC!

I am new here. But not new too trading. I trade the YM futures. If you want a consistent, low risk, high reward…stay tuned!
YM MAGIC is coming!

In another thread you claim:

Too all subs…fear not. The best is coming soon. YM MAGIC! Trading the YM exclusively. Minimal drawdowns, and profits of 100% monthly. Consistently. I’m sure you’ve heard words like these before. But I assure you you have never seen one as myself. Stay tuned.

Either this is a joke, or you don’t understand compounding.

A 100% return a month CONSISTENTLY means a 4,096 fold increase in just 12 months (doubling every month). With a $10,000 investment, in one year you would have almost $41 million. In 3 years, you would be 30 times richer than the entire US GDP. In fact you might own more than all the current wealth in the world.

What’s your hurry? Why mess around with C2? Just make yourself the richest person who ever lived in just three short years by trading $10,000 in your own account?

Or maybe I made a mistake with all these big numbers.


The only mistake you made was replying to this guy. Anyone who has to advertise like this is 99.99% likely a charlatan.

Why you don’t give a link for your strategy?
I check everywhere but could not find your strategy.
Folks, if you guys want to promote your strategies, at least you should give a link.

100% monthly consistently. oh boy, i should take out mortgage, selling everything. Maybe be homeless for a year. Then boom, I’m a richest man in Babylon.
If have 4% consistently month after month, i will take out second mortgage and go with you…

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100% monthly! You don’t need to worry about taking out a mortgage…just skip buying your Big Mac for 1 day, and invest the $3.59. Would net you $246 Billion in 3 years…you would have some taxes to deal with though! :slight_smile:


You could delay paying taxes a bit–and pay the penalties and interest easily–and still have hundreds of trillions dollars left.

Or do it in a Roth IRA and do it tax free.

Why did you change you opinion about c2, and what will be the fee: 300, 400 or 500? :slight_smile:

As the Babson system went up it made over 100% a month here on c2.
Is yours also based upon hidden geometry??

I an not familiar with the Babson system, and no I do not employ hidden geometry. At least not too my knowledge. Didnt do so well in geometry.

I offer a skill that, after browsing through the leader boards and grid, may be of assistance at C2. I like that C2 presents a guy an opportunity to prove himself…and make money in the process.

I like you already DavidJuday. Sense of humor.

I can do 4% monthly in my sleep sir.

Usually true Elemental. But you are mistaken in this case.

You must trade from your yacht in Monaco. Is the 4% monthly in your sleep a guarantee?

That’s good. As long as you don’t do -40% when you’re awake.



Juday offers a light-hearted example, but he is not exaggerating your claim.

100% a month for 3 years (which you claim you will do) would turn the price of a Big Mac ($3.59) into 246 billion dollars.

In short, you have claimed that an investment of less than $4 can make you the richest man in the world in only 3 years.

And when your claims are pointed out as essentially IMPOSSIBLE, you still have not retracted them, except to add the boast that you can do 4% a month in your sleep.

What evidence makes you think you can do either of these rates?

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For obvious reasons I cannot guarantee you 4% a month. I have not “guaranteed” anyone anything. I said I can produce a certain return consistently. Being consistent does not imply perfection.

Go for it–let your system results do the talking!

Best of luck.