To System Developers: Anyone else have "ghost" subscribers?

I recently lowered my subscriber cap and received a message telling me that the cap is lower than the current number of subscribers.

The subscriber count stated in the subscriber cap notification (on the “Edit System” page) is 3 more than the total number of active subscribers listed on the “Subscriber Management” page.

I have no information about who these 3 additional “ghost” subscribers are and whether they might be unpaid subscribers who are also receiving my trading signals.

Anyone else have “ghost” subscribers?

Hi, Chris: Me and the software development team subscribe to lots of systems, mostly randomly (no offense), to test stuff out. We don’t display ourselves (to avoid freaking out system publishers) but we may be counted in some of the numerical queries. I’ll work on getting our test subscriptions removed from those counts.

Do you ever subscribe to systems on C2 and pay subscription fees? Or do you leave the trading to the customers? Just curious.