Trade should hnave been stopped out

The trade silver september should have been closed at 1371 please fix

Please submit a trouble ticket.

Trouble ticket submitted 2 days ago no action yet please have a look


Tks for your email but I see that despite the stop missing the decimal point and obviously being a typo as it was moved from 14.01 to the entry level at 13.71 it is still there…can you please stop this trade out at 13.71…

If the stop was placed incorrectly then why did the system allow it??


Have you had a look at this trade and can you sort it out?

As a matter of policy, C2 can’t correct trades that were mis-entered due to operator typo. C2 is just like a broker; you can’t call a broker after the fact and say you meant to type one thing and not another. I hope the reason for this policy is clear. It’s not because we want to be a pain in the rear end; rather it’s because without this policy, the integrity of the site would be called into question (since people would only bother to complain about unfavorable situations, and never ask to reverse a trade when a typo worked out in their favor.)

I really apologize for this. I have, however, taken your advice, and made it so that, in the future, C2 will be smarter and will recognize this obvious kind of entry mistake for this particular symbol. Specifically, if you enter an order for SI in the format 1345, C2 will try now to recognize that you meant 13.45.