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As I expected, markets have stabilized quite a bit… volatility dropped right back into range. Will post an update near end of day on potential overnight hedges, because something was up this morning, and none of the answers make sense.


I am comfortable and fine with the DDs today on a semi-black swan event this morning. Volatility lost, badly.

Two days ago:

This happened today.

This also happened today.

Markets look good here. With ES at new highs this did indeed turn into BTFD. This is often the case with volatility events, they are the reversal days to watch out for. You need to be cautious with hedges, just as much as you care cautious with positions, which is why our #NasdaqPRO program cut that NQ futures short early on. And which is why most people don’t hedge - they lose too much on the hedges.

Moving forward…

Moving forward…


We are in a great position. Currently I see $300K in AUM which means there must be at least a few people following. I hope you are enjoying the free fully hedged and communicated signals. Thank me later.


We are back to the drawing board. Ideally, today we did want to see volatility at least hold mid range but VXX closed down into a NEW LOW… However, I do still have full confidence, as we have neutralized quite a bit of action here. The puts we have on the system will go into the money soon, the current covered short setup is slightly overweight, which will take care of any decay on the core long position. We will get further overweight those short calls, and then possibly keep adding some short spreads VXX on a weekly basis.


I will be focusing on NFLX and APPL once the BABA trades clear. We will be adding to the Apple position, and hedging with NQ futures overnight etc. and put options on the day. I suspect the DD here of 1.5% won’t breach 2% but as high as 3% would not surprise me. I am likely to add some type of weekly bull put spread on another stock on a weekly basis to level the playing field.

my favorite trade running into next week is a bear call spread on the 150 barrier 152/150 and bull put 146.5/144.5 - dont follow trades blindly, i have hedges on these too and they can be rough without them, ive decided to run the forums as a slight trading journal so my typing will be broken and quick / more often

The week has closed on a mild note for me. I am happy with the performance on my end, but disappointing volatility literally dropped into a new low. I was not expecting that. This removed the potential edge that was in store for the week. I was surprised, but again - how we are covered is better than unforseen risk. I do expect markets to make new highs next week, primarily the Nasdaq to catch up with the action we have seen across the S&P/DJIA… All of the programs are in great breathing room aside volatility. I will be initiating additional VXX short call spreads as I do have confidence we are unlikely to be retesting the 36 barrier next week. Those should pull down around $500-1000 in actual profit, not simply covering our decay on the long call. Additionally, I will still be looking to add to our long put positions. At this time, the program has incurred about 2-3% in hedging costs, which is absolutely normal. I would like to explain the program a bit more right now:

Here’s why there is so much upside. The program works like this:

We want to neutralize a long VIX position with the assumption that what happened on thursday morning (surprise market drop, and spike in volatility) sustains itself, however respects our barriers. This means the options expire worthless, and then I have the long calls and the long VXX position to leave open for a blockbuster trade. With volatility this low, that’s why we are trying this. It’s also a perfect hedge if you have a portfolio mostly long stocks. But it’s hard for me to really explain it further in words. At this point, however… I do believe now we will close out the month in negative territory on the program, likely roughly around 2-3%. Decay is contained, and I’m not worried about it - but am dissapointed that price action on Thursday did not provide the edge that I had hoped.

Enjoy your weekend.

@TradePRO I was simulating your strategies and now they are private and simulation shows -100% for all of them. What did happen?

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You had no intention of subscribing to the strategies. I found an enormous C2 glitch in calculating margin and while I figure out what’s happening I have gone private. The strategies are all in the money except for Volatility.

I lost money with the volatility strategy, unfortunately a semi-disaster today primarily to a C2 complication in calculating margin. I have read many reviews from people that want strategies which are spreading options, and today I found out why it’s possible C2 doesn’t have more people doing this. There is one person doing it by the name of Jennifer but she is playing many stocks at once, and one swan will wipe her out on those bear puts she plays. The best thing to do is stick the indices or volatility. There it’s possible, but there are limitations - which should be made more clear to trade leaders. There have been a few other errors, but not as bad as this one.

This week I had initiated a VXX spread primarily working around the 37 barrier, which we should see those short calls expire worthless. However, I needed to hedge moving into next week. so… I opened new VXX long calls expiring next week, and closed the current long calls I had in profit - the system should have still considered the short 37 VXX calls as covered. After I closed the long calls for a profit on the week, C2 initiated a margin call, basically considering all short exposure I had as uncovered, when it wasn’t. This resulted in me forcing to close all the positions, including the VXX short 37s for a loss on the week, where they are likely going to expire worthless for a profit. It’s not that complicated to work around this with Collective2 - you just have to make sure the trades are synthetically paired, and you can’t open up calendar spreads. However, if you don’t know that - then you will lose money. And I lost money on this error today, more than was comfortable for me, or the subscribers. However, NasdaqPRO and OptionsPRO are moving forward fine and I will make them open to the public again. Volatility was giving me trouble, which was expected, however this just made it unmanageable, and I apologize.

1 down. 3 to go. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Another one killed.
So 2 down, 2 to go now.

Amazing what people pay to subscribe to…

The other systems are fine. They just don’t require the same type of sophistication, you’re all haters! It’s funny.

And you’re kidding right? This is your system:

40% drawdown trading straight ETFs? You are garbage. The equity curve is a joke.

I really shouldn’t have started using the forums to begin with. You get haters and the valued clients probably aren’t even paying attention.

Last year a very active guy on this forum “Tsvika Elberger” used exact the same tone as you in the forum, blaming everybody to be “haters” if they critized his exellent systems.
Are you him? If not look up his postings and you will find your soulmate.

A tip - Beat at least SP500 before trying to market them in this forum.


His strategy is profitable after a year. And you already closed 2 of your strategies after a month.


TradePRO is going back and deleting older posts of his. I find this humorous.
Eating… :popcorn: and watching this trainwreck.

Good luck TradePRO!! lol.

Give me a break. You are an amateur. He has a 40% drawdown. He is charging $50 a month. Why? Because people scale him down LIKE CRAZY, meaning - realistically - that 40% drawdown is like 4% to them if he does it again. It’s hilarious me to me that people will troll me when I am trading options, shorting options, hedging with futures, like real traders do. These forums are a waste of my time. This guy - if he charges more than $50 - he will lose all his subscribers for this very reason. He is garbage, people are trading him for pennies. It’s a joke. DogZebro is another loser. Someone who can’t make it with his own strategies. He isn’t even subcribed to anything. He comes in here to talk shit when he is bored at his desk job. He is probably stuck in a cubicle right now.

So let me be clear.

I killed rothstockpro at +0.05% because I don’t feel like running it anymore. VolatilityPRO got hit with issue that were not my fault, but C2s in calculating margin. These other two strategies are fine. Trust me. And no, you trolls don’t put pressure on me. I am here, because I once started to try a C2 competitor, and it didn’t work out. I find the technology interesting. My trading is fine, and I’m not worried about it. Clearly, C2 forums are a waste of time. So tell you what? In 6 months I will come back.

And what’s funny. I called out volatility issues, and apologized! This wasn’t enough for you losers.

Good luck. I’ve been trained at hedge funds. I just explained why I even use this…

Also JIFT why are you simulating my strategies? But why are you not subscribed to any strategies with live money? Because you are trying to watch our trading to get your own ideas. Another loser. If I could block you from simulating my strategies. I would. I trade with the utmost integrity, and to be honest - even communicating with you all is it like diminishing my value down. Later! LOL. Of course real traders can’t deal with this!

And another thing. I was giving RockstockPRO away for free! I could care less at this point if I’m not compensated. This is a joke! This guy with a 40% drawdown who has people trading him for pennies talked shit! A joke!

Seriously. This is a real question. Why do you guys think you don’t see more people doing this? I am long QQQs right now, short QQQs right now, hedged with futures, and with cash and options on the day. Why? Because real traders that understand this could care less about pissing their talent away for pennies. I love Collective2. Matthew also - great guy with a big heart, and a lion to try and tackle this. He knows who I am. I tried it myself with a group, and $300K later, we didn’t make it. Because it’s hard! I’m not going to let you idiots abuse me for no reason. If you come to the fight, come with something to show. Where are your strategies? That guy who called me out with a 40% drawdown is point in case. Total loser.