TradePRO Strategies

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? There are no deleted posts in this forum. You are an idiot.

I have no idea how is c2 fault from your explaination? c2 has lower margin requirement than Interactive broker when it comes to trading $vxx and vix products. Before your #volatilityPro go private, all I can tell was you martingale into your position and got margin called. If we are wrong about it, you can just make that strategy back to public ? so we can see how c2 cause the error.

Another loser. You took on a 28% drawdown on one trade. You are going to blow up. And just like the other 14+ strategies you have that will eventually go private after you blow it. Give me break. Amateurs. Waste of my time. No one is going put millions down on your crap.

This guy Amma also messaged me with promotions. Dude seriously. Is it your kid trading for you? A joke.

Just to let you know - in order to reverse engineer your strategy or get your ideas I don’t even need to simulate it. All the trades and equities are available for any person on the C2. :slight_smile: So if you really care that somebody can steal your ideas, you need to run away from C2. Also, you can block me from simulating your strategies - just go private.

And answering to your questions - I am doing this because I am free to do this and I want to do this. I have no obligations to trade any strategy live. Until these series of posts I thought that your PRO suffix is true, but looks like if something bothers you, you can really burst. I don’t think that this is a good thing for PRO trader. Next time somebody will say you something on the forum and you will enter wrong trade and lose subs money.

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JITF. Do you simulate anything with live money? Yes or no.

Why are you asking?

LOL loser! See.,. It’s all obvious now. I’m arguing with losers

JIFT stop stimulating my strategies. LOSER


You are entertainment to me. Simulating strategies with no intention of subbing. Dude I’m responding on my mobile phone. You are a joke. If I could block you - I would

You can block me but you don’t want to do this. Why?

LOL. Dude. Are you subbed with live money? Yes or no. It’s a yes or no question. Or is that too simple for losers? I’ve been trained at hedge funds. I’m one of the best traders on C2

Why are you asking? How that knowledge change your life?

Idiot! You just proved forums are waste

Why are you wasting your time in this case?

Because I started C2 competitor and it didn’t work out. Now you losers are my entertainment. Dude… everyone in my programs is going to make money hand over fist. It’s like robbery. You people are a joke

Does it mean that you are a LOSER but I am a wealthy person looking for different way for investing? And you are loosing a potential sub due to your un-professional behavior?

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Ohhhh fuckin bullshit, sub to strategies with live money loser

Why are you so angry?