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Vix Lite The Future of Trading


Considering 3 of my trades have gone 150-0 since 2008, I anticipated a reversion.

Those that would have paid a mere $39 would have been rewarded.

Value play.


Vix Lite has increased to $49.
If you join tonight, I will share the 3 trades from the basket that have not lost even through the bear market of 2008-2009.
2 of these plays are in pullback mode so much value.
Just message me once you join and I will share these with you.
My system does not have to be autotraded.


My Pet Rock Rollover, is calling a bottom today.


My pet Rock is wrong. More downside tomorrow.
Won’t last long, maybe a day or 4.


Looks like you need to get another pet rock.


So we got the first VIX strategy that lost all i guess.


What happened to proclaimed 20 % DD being unlikely?

And what happened to Vix Lite today? I see that it is private.


Another braggard bites the dust? He didn’t charge too much though.


“Thanos” NOOOOOOOOO! What happened my good friend? Not so smart after all?

so very sad. :rofl:


What happened to the “value play?”


His pet rock f*cked him up this time. :smiley:


“Why do you trade XIV vs others (e.g. svxy, ziv)?
XIV has a termination clause that if the fund drops 80% the termination clause is triggered.
Not saying that will happen and you have a low draw down currently… but it is theoretically possible with a black swan event that you wake up to having all of your funds and your subscribers funds wiped out over night. Especially since you hold your positions open for multiple days.
XIV is probably the scariest instrument available because of said termination clause. You should switch… just my 2 cents.
Good luck!”

And now we know the dangers of playing XIV with a closure clause vs other etfs’/etns’ that do not have the same clause.


Happy trading all!!


Amidst all the chaos and bloodshed yesterday, VIX LITE did what it was meant to do, and provided a safe haven for investors.

Please to be on the safe side, never invest more than 20% in any one system on C2.

Vix Lite is a great guide, even if you don’t autotrade.
Only $49.


Please take a look at these names above that were cheerleading Vix Lite to fail and take notes.
These are truly bad people that were cheering for a system to fail.
Look at the names well and stay away from them. These are people who are very reactive and they probably lost big money.
Take notes of them as they flat out lie and deceive.
They spread disinformation and are disingenuous.


He’s back! Alright Thanos! Why did you go private? Worried? We all missed you so.

Keep showering us with your wisdom!!!


Aw I think ‘Thanos’ hung it up for good this time. Poor subscribers. All 2 of them.

“The Future of Trading” no more :sleepy:


Why? What happened? I know it went private, another draw down? He was fine after Monday.


Seems things going not well, but it is still less than 20% dd.


System was too conservative so I stepped it up with shorting more volatility
a day too early. No one’s going to give a crap about a system that returns 50% even with a 11%dd. Dog breath is living proof of that.