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Vix Lite The Future of Trading


Why don’t you take it out of private?


I’ve just soured over what happened to Xiv and though I wasn’t affected as much as others, I really am having doubts about a market that would allow an ambush like that to have happened. And though I came out of it with an 11dd when all this happened, the carnage was evidence that you can’t trust this casino. As Leonard Cohen said, The dice is loaded the game is rigged.
When I see Xiv systems that barely made it through by the skin of their teeth, and all the systems that folded, it was clear to me that this whole thing was a farce. I really want to be one of the few systems that survive a bear market, even if I do come out of it with a dd of around 40% I would consider that a success.

Cue Dog Breath


So it’s still private?


Shocked at this. I thought the “Future of Trading” would never lose money.

“150-0”, “Saw 2008 coming”, etc…


One system I subscribed to had a drawdown over 50% a year ago , he came out even after 6 months. So it can be done. And he didn’t go private once. Going back and forth hiding in private you lose all your credibility.

Best of luck making a come back!


So you are soured over what happened? That’s kinda funny. If trading was easy Collective2 would not exist. What you refer to as an ambush is what happens in all markets in varying ways and to varying degrees all the time. And people referring to what happened as a crash is hilarious, wait until they see a real crash, what happened was merely a few hard days down, so far. Things are now set to come back, but prices will do whatever they want to do and they like to trick people, that is the challenge. Anyone who sees the markets as rigged has decided to become a victim, and victims typically do poorly in life.


The goal should not be to survive a bear market, the goal should be to flourish in a bear market. And what about sideways markets, or, I don’t know what it is markets?


Oh, ok. You’re all so good and so wise.

Taking notes.

Let’s see, one of you has been out here for 3 weeks and is a guru, the other lady, I guess she’s a woman but one can never be sure behind a laptop, takes financial advice from internet pros, since she can’t manage her own money, and dog breath is bitter on many levels, he had a boring C2 system that no one seemed to care about, then he lost his ass secretly invested in Xiv. I get it now.



You have so much energy. You should consider redirecting that energy towards your strategy. People will have opinions and you won’t please everyone. Use all that energy in a positive way to build your strategy and trading business and you will find success.

“Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing”
-Sun Tzu: The Art of War

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight”
-Sun Tzu; The Art of War

Good day


“And if outnumbered, evade them”.

-Sun Tzu


Who needs Sun Tzu quotes when you have Thanos gems:

“I predicted a lengthy bull market due to a lengthy bear market”
“I provided a strategy that will work through any environment”
“I am aiming for over 100% return in ANY ENVIRONMENT”
“I can in my opinion easily make 200% a year,”
“Vix Lite will be a model for all top leaders”
“3 open trades… that have been historically 100% profitable since 2008-2009. That’s 150 wins, and 0 losses.” (I gotta say I have no idea what this means, but it sounds awesome).


Who needs Sun Tzu quotes when you have Thanos gems:

“I predicted a lengthy bull market due to a lengthy bear market”


“I provided a strategy that will work through any environment”

-diversification does work better than all in Xiv, but is not very appealing to subs.

“I am aiming for over 100% return in ANY ENVIRONMENT”

-in progress

“I can in my opinion easily make 200% a year,”


“Vix Lite will be a model for all top leaders”

-check. After the Xiv fiasco, a diversified portfolio is the model.
Vix Lite.

“3 open trades… that have been historically 100% profitable since 2008-
2009. That’s 150 wins, and 0 losses.” (I gotta say I have no idea what this

-2 of the 3 trades that have not lost since that time have been winners.
So now 152 in a row with 1 open position.

it sounds awesome).

-I’m glad you think so dog breath, now you’re learning that lashing out won’t bring back all your years of losses.


Great! So why are you not public? Hard to get subscribers being private an all.


Because being new to C2, I’m discovering that if you are shorting instruments and not returning over 100% with an ultra low single digit dd, your system will not attract many subs. There are a few vol. systems that have accomplished this but look what could have happened in Ah. If long Xiv. I am rethinking my strategy. I’ve been told my strategy is too new and I should wait 6 months, so that’s what I may do. Or maybe I’ll aim for 150% return in a bull market, and 40% return in a bear market, with a dd. of less than 99% Besides, it’s all about staying alive and making money.
I agree that I’m not important until I prove myself, so let’s leave it at that for now.


I hope this is the end of this thread - I wish Matthew had closed it a long time ago.


In 68 days, VixLite is up 10.6% with a 17.6% DD. Whether that’s good or bad depends on the risk taken.


Great! Hopefully no more boasting sans results then.

(sidenote @KarlA : agreed, please close this thread)


Now that he is public again let’s take a look at what happened.

Vix Lite received a margin call on 1/30/18. Thanos was long 100% XIV and short UVXY at the same time, averaged down, and leveraged the system - even after stating repeatedly on here how he doesn’t do that. I noticed he also tried to hold 1 share of XIV so that the trade wouldn’t “close” and we couldn’t see it after a week. Margin call ruined that, then he went private.

Also long 200% to XIV on 12/21/17.
Also short 100% XIV on 2/5/18 for 20 minutes.

Good luck Thanos! The Future of Trading! We are all cheering for you! :star_struck:


From my point of view, it will take a long time before individual investors change their way of analyzing different strategies.

Lately, I have read many unfair criticisms of very consistent strategies. Of course there are many high-risk strategies and their end was predictable. Most of them are linked to the VIX / VXX or highly leveraged.

However, it must be taken into account that the volatility of the last few years has been unusually low and as a result of the intervention of the Central Banks. The markets have been and in the future will have greater volatility.

In this market, there are some aspects that I consider important to take into account permanently:

1.- There is no perfect strategy.
2.- Each strategy works better under certain market conditions.
3.- Volatility is an inherent condition of the market.
4.- There are many ways to manage risk. The important thing is to have (at least) one.
5.- It is more important to analyze the behavior of your portfolio and not so much the behavior of one of the strategies that make up your portfolio.
6.- All the important falls of the market are different. Similar, but different.
7.- It is not possible to always win in the market.
8.- A good strategy may generate losses under certain market conditions. But then it will recover and continue to produce good returns.
9.- You always have to think about long-term returns.




More lies by dog breath. Never have I said negative things about leverage.
I even said I take large positions from time to time.
He also doesn’t understand ETFs decay when shorting.
System has been profitable and survived Vix spike.
Just more lies to assuage his pain of what I believe are past losses and a huge Xiv loss last week.

DOG BREATH is in pain. Normal people do not act like that. Get a kitten or something.