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What happened to Carma Managed Futures?

The average daily move of the S&P 500, up or down, is 1%.
Same thing for the 7 major currency pairs (futures and Forex).

By contrast, some Nasdaq stocks routinely move 10% or more… in a single day!

But that’s not even the issue : Even if the leverage set by your broker is 1000 to 1, you can always limit your stop to any fixed percentage you like, like 2%.

There are no “risky” markets, only lousy traders with no money management skills.


There are lots of these types of traders…lol

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Yes, but some of them will eventually run out of trading systems that do not work, and become successful C2 Trade Leaders :wink:

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Leverage is like a weapon, can be very dangerous in the wrong hands…That said, any loan can be risky and should be treated accordingly…


I am confused are you talking about yourself and your systems or Carma? If you keep at it I am sure you will create a winning system.

I was talking about traders in general of course. With enough determination, research and chart studying, any trader can create a winning system that suits his trading style and risk appetite.

The most difficult part is following the trading and money management rules with 100% discipline.

This process is by far the most difficult to master, even for seasoned traders.

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would suck to be the guy who subscribed on march 8th

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