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What happened to Carma Managed Futures?

I remember a strategy called Carma Managed Futures that had good performance, but is now closed to outside investors. It’s been a while since I logged in so I don’t know how long the strategy has been private. Does anyone here know if the strategy performed well during the downturn? Or was it closed off as a result of the downturn? I just remember that one being particularly good and I wanted to see if it is still performing well or not.

Probably the same thing that happened to the #1 strategy on c2 recently:

Blew out in a grand way - holding 3 cars of nq long lol

Rip those subscribers

Nope. He closed his strategy because he didn’t want subscribers to have too much slippage. It’s still the top strategy on C2. (Technically it’s not my job to speak for strategy managers, but I did want to clearly state that your theory about “what happened” is just plain wrong.)

Also, you’re just plain wrong (again) when you state that the strategy you linked to above, which has performed poorly, was “the #1 strategy” on C2. That is simply untrue. We track the rankings of strategies, and that strategy was never even in the top one hundred and fifty ranking.

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@GokuBlack, if your interested in the strategy’s performance this is what it looks like now.


Looking pretty good!

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Wow! That’s awesome performance! Too bad the strategy doesn’t scale well without slippage issues, it probably would’ve gained an insane number of new followers given its recent performance

Yes…I was surprised too but I guess when trading futures liquidity will always be a factor as derivatives will never be as liquid as equities or bonds.

if he was “my father’s broker”……… my father would have kicked his a$$ :grin:


How many real subscribers do you think that strategy has? A rough estimate? I’m just asking because I want to express my concerns on the observation that less and less people are really willing to pay for a strategy on C2, in contrast to more and more for free simulated subscription. I don’t think that there’s more than 30 paying subscribers there even though it’s a pretty good strategy.

For every strategy you can click the “Show Autotrade data” button and click one of the little computer screen icons next to one of the strategies most recent trades to get a rough estimate. This strategy has 21 subscribers according to this method which I think is plenty.

That means that they’re making 21 subs x ($150 / 2) = $1,575 per month off that one strategy. If he raised his fee to say $199 he’d make a little more than $2,000 per month off one strategy which is a lot of money in my opinion, so there’s plenty of people here that will subscribe and provide good value to the strategy developer.

Also, this strategy doesn’t even have the most subs, there’s strategies that don’t rank as high on the leaderboard that have even more subs. For example, consider this strategy

It has at least 35 subs at $229 meaning it’s generating a little more than $4,000/mo off that one strategy! So just make good strategies and the people will come.

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Nice approximation…Thanks.

Looks like a pretty tough March, though… but being flat for 2020 thus far is probably nothing to be ashamed of with the 2019 results he posted…

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