What is a better investment than Bet Coins?

Cyrpto currencies are up a lot this year. But is there an investment that purchased today would yield a beautiful result every year like clock work? Well my great great great grand mother figured it out. She purchased an investment that still today has an annual yield.

She simply put it in the ground hundreds of years ago and every year up springs the dividend.
I can sell the dividend for local currency.

Her investment??? Tulips.


Lol! I like you bringing it back around to tulips. They were the first recorded bubble in history right? So you think it is a bubble? I think Bitcoin or an altcoin could stick around and provide a valuable service. I think it could end up being that people see Bitcoin as a form of digital gold. I don’t think it will overthrow government currencies, but do think they could stick around and go up much higher. However, that is pure speculation. Gold doesn’t really have many more uses than Bitcoin other than some decoration or computer parts etc. However, most of gold is held because more cannot be created and serves as a hedge. With a young digital dependent generation I could see Bitcoin being treated the same way since more cannot be created. I do think this will look like the dotcom bubble where many of these coins will fail but a few Amazons and Apples will dip then continue on. Gold has a market cap near $8 trillion and all cryptos combined are about $0.3 trillion. If my theory is right it could have some massive returns. However, again definitely speculation and could easily just be another tulip.

Technically it´s not correct that you can´t have Inflation even with “scarce” cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. We already see a lot of Bitcoin forks that are essentially copies of the Bitcoin blockchain. Of course they are named slightly different, like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash and the like but nevertheless they are traded, they have value and they share the same technology as Bitcoin. So I´d call it horizontal inflation.

However, there are so many lazy and uninformed privat investors pouring into this market that I come to believe prices will rise much higher before the bubble gets the final blow.
Still, the cryptographic concepts will survive and they will create many real world usecases. Dotcom 2.0…
We have an exciting decade ahead of us. :slight_smile:


Blockchain tech is a widely dispersed data base that has significant costs to set up and operate. Not only is there a hardware cost but also an electricity cost. Banks Escrow firms, and other record keepers will support it because it is less expansive than using Mastercard or Visa for processing and it has more uses. Like tulips every club, community or company will be able to have blockchain and have the expense of maintaining it.

We need to remember that this is software, which can be cheaply duplicated and the steady cash will be made in being a vendor to the blockchain companies.

There are many that use Gold as a store of value. This craze is slowing gold sales. As a result gold will go down to a nice value where it can be bought by strong hands.

The crypto space is evolving rapidly. The 2nd largest crypto, Ethereum, is advancing technically much faster than Bitcoin, which is stagnating and apparently unable to upgrade. Ethereum has been ramping up for a switch to a completely new “mining” strategy known as Proof of Stake while moving away from Bitcoin’s Proof of Work. Proof of Stake does not involve the ever-increasing computing power “arms-race” that Bitcoin mining suffers from and does not have the associated centralization problems or electricity usage either.

Speculative price runs will have their ups and downs but crypto is a real innovation and is still likely to play a revolutionary role in the monetary future. Don’t mistake a bitcoin price drop (or its upcoming technical pains) for a fundamental problem in the larger crypto space. I think we’re about to see a change in leadership in the crypto world, and it will involve some very crazy price moves. It won’t be for the faint of heart.


Please dont mix between the validity of the blockchain technology and these pyramid schemes , yes the technology is beneficial and may have a future but that doesn’t mean that btc is really worth 9000 or that ETH is worth 450 . these coins are worthless .

Anyone can start his own cryptocoin version using the same methods and concepts . Guys who is pushing for this agenda are bag holders and are in it to get rich , they imagine that if the technology is valid then BTC will reach $1000000 and ETH will reach 1 million . Thats nonsense , there is no correlation between both arguments .

A classic bubble and we are currently in the delusional phase .

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You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. There are bubbles, of course, just like with many new important ideas. But there are real, revolutionary products/assets that are being created here. To argue there is no value there is to argue there is no value in VISA or no value in the systems running the NASDAQ exchange. Many real world products, companies, and entire markets are being made obsolete by what crypto is doing.

Tomorrow the Fed , JP morgan , Amazon , Facebook , Japan , China , Russia , my neighbors , my brother , big bang actors … , can start their own cryptocoin using the same principles proof of work , proof of stake … you name it .

Wake up you are in the delusional phase and thats what it feels like .

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Yes, and anyone can go write a bidding or retail website, it’s just an idea and code right? You should have no problem taking over ebay or amazon, right?

The value in crypto is not the code–these are open source projects. The value is in the execution of the idea and the momentum, infrastructure, and network effect that develops around it. Ethereum in particular has those things along with business partnerships, leadership, the largest group of devs, etc, etc. Bitcoin has the brand and first-mover advantage (but not much else). Yes, anyone can do it, and anyone IS doing it. If you think someone else can compete and do it better, then put your money there. But it’s absurd to say because someone else can do it, then there is no value coming from those that are doing it. My money is on those who ARE doing it, and doing it best.

There is delusion here, but it’s coming from naysayers like yourself. I’ve been hearing the same garbage since 2012 when I first got into crypto, and ignoring the naysayers (who generally don’t have a clue what they are talking about) has worked out extremely well for me.

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I am appalled by the notion that bitcoin is like amazon or visa , remember these giant companies has earnings/per share , huge difference , however bitcoin or eth or whatever is just a made up digital asset with no earnings and they can duplicate it out from thin air - fork - , like what they did with btc cash and btc gold , technically they increased the supply from 21 million to 63 million coins albeit with a different label attached to each .

My friends are looking to launch their own proof of work coin they will make it more limited just 2000 coins very rare stuff should sell 1 million a coin easily , its going to be our life project , bigly .

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You keep making arguments that don’t make any sense. Are you really that confused? Let me try to (again) explain the errors in your thinking.

I’m not a fan of bitcoin at the moment because it’s having a number of issues which is causing the splits you mention. Bitcoin is splitting into various coins as a result of internal conflict that is going on. Current Bitcoin leadership is running the coin in a way that many disagree with so they have split off their own coins in order to compete. It’s then up to the market to decide which of the different coins will survive and which will die. However this is not a flaw in crypto, nor is it anything like someone printing more bitcoin. These are different implementations competing in a free market–it’s how free markets work. You might not have ever seen a real free market before so you might not recognize it.

Your friends are welcome to create their own coins, or launch an ICO or whatever. It’s a new, wild, market and anyone might be able to compete (unlike in most established markets these days). But the fact the market is open with low barriers to entry is again not an argument against crypto. Why would you think it was?? If anything it’s an argument for the continued growth of this new area.

You also seem to be confused about the nature of crypto. Crypto just being some digital asset with no functionality to bring in additional value is quite out of date. Ethereum in particular represents an entire programmable digital economy (with a value-token like bitcoin at its core) with near limitless potential. The ICO market that has been making news is just one of the things that has sprung out of the Ethereum network.

I am sorry wont read your post . You know what , i am wrong just sell your own house and buy all-in ETH .

My fault .

Nobody cares if you buy or not. Just try to know something about the subject you’re talking about.

No i meant you go buy more not me , as i said earlier i will have my own rare cryptocoin .

Good luck on your cryptocoin. Maybe you should start a messaging app too and take on SnapChat and Instagram? That’s what free markets are. That you somehow seem to think that’s an argument against crypto though is something that baffles me. Maybe you just need to explain it to me again.

I knew Bitcoin a while ago and I have some bitcoins. However, when I come across to trading futures, especially the emini Nasdaq, it is for me 1000 times better than Bitcoin.
why> How come?

You need $500 to trade a contract.
Let say you do not want to do day trading and you choose to buy 1 contract with an account of $10000 the price of 1 bitcoin.
With Futures trading, you can make money when the market goes up or down . Last year, SEptember 2016, the emini Nasdaq was 4000 and it is now $6350. It goes up more than 2300 points. If you were trading 1 contract to start, you would have made 2300x20= $46000.
AS you account grw up, you could have trade 10 contracts. You could have made 2300x20x10-$460000
You need $ 5000 margin in your account to trade 10 contracts. If you have $ 45000, you have more than enough.

Also, If you can make 10 points daily trading emini Nasdaq or 200 points a month, with 1 contract you make $4000 a month and you need $1000 or less margin to trade 1 contract.

Let say you buy Bitcoin Now and it turns to be $50000 in the next 12 months.

With $10000, you can trade 2 contracts. If you just buy and watch or you trade to make 200 points a month, you will make with 2 contracts, $8000 a month. While your account grew, you will increase your lot size as well.
When you are able to trade 10 contracts, you will make $40000 each month that you are able to make 200 points a month.
In a day, just like Yesterday, the emini Nasdaq was down for over 120 points.


LOLOL… remember that thing called the internet? ridiculous right? shopping on your mobile phone? who would do that?

Crypto is so much more than an electronic poker chip now though. The area has evolved significantly. It’s to the point where crypto is going to obsolete many existing businesses/markets and create a large number of entirely new ones.

It’s funny when you guys compare it to the internet , but you don’t remember the dot com bubble ha lol .

Bag holders push for this agenda bigly to get rich quick it’s a scam .

However the technology itself is valid but as I said earlier everyone can make it and that’s what looks like is going to happen , this is just the start again remember the dot com bubble .

Stay tuned for my rare cryptocoin .

Maybe you should look at microsoft, google, amazon etc. and then remember that a bubble of this significance eventually brings up worldclass enterprises.

No attack intended, but you seem to be quite ignorant to the real world potential of blockchain. Just because everyone could start a copy of a blockchain doesnt devalue the original. Value comes from trust, real world application and a great development team to further improve the chain. In normal markets a mere copy would have none of the 3 thus not being a real competition.
We just don’t have normal markets so every shitcoin gets valued in the multimillions and mindless Forks even in billions… That’s the bubble-part.