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A Strategy for YM gambler got a margin call!


I always like $10,000 per 1 S&P E-mini. Made sense for me. Seemed like a good rule of thumb.

(See “Boondock Saints” for definition of ‘rule of thumb’) :wink:


Sorry KarlA, if any of my response come off to you as hostile. To your prev comment, I’m genuinely asking and want to learn from you. So I can sub to less unprofitable strategies. I honestly want to learn how you pick the strategy you subscribe to and how you avoid crashes after you sub to them. But again I apologize if you feel like I was attacking you.

In regarding to VT, I know it’s high risk and I don’t think it’s a scam strategy. Im not saying I don’t sub to high risk strategy. Also in regarding to the strategy I’m sure a lot would said it’s a terriable strategy. I sub to a couple strategy for over 2 yrs and that was one of them. In regarding sunny, I went thru his trading history and saw it had a decent 6 month track record. He doesn’t Martingale forever like other strategies. I don’t see why I can’t give it a chance.


Still writing naked puts, covered calls and long tech stocks.



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I am curious what makes you think this is a real track record on his website. All I see on the website is some txt files which anyone can create. Why did you pitch it as a real track record? what am i missing @KarlA


Strategy for ym survives again. As Dr Martin Gale would say, all you need is 1 bounce to make it all back.


please do not attribute this to Martingale - I think “Looking at this amazing one day recovery from a large draw down, he truly demonstrated masterful short term trading”


Yes, he is a master for short term trading but I don’t know if I can handle 67% DD ( YTD -30% , of course the new subscriber from ATH get screw) , real subscribers got margin call because insufficient fund and extremely over trades. Don’t forget, it shows max 6 contracts but in the progress shows 13 contracts overnight. Definitely, this is not transparent how much real capital does he has to run this model.


He’s gone from a 70% drawdown on Nov 24 to a new high water mark in the space of about a week. This s#*t is comical.


did he exit those longs or trim the position today ?


Looks like he may have reduced his size on the way up since the equity drop is only 25k so far…lol


Recently there is a 24 hour delay on all c2 equity curve. I don’t think he closed any contracts. Down 50% MTD.


Wow…this is one of the worst cases of risk management I’ve seen from a strategy that is TOS. Down 50% in 1 day!

Makes you wonder if he really is trading his own funds or had investors fund his account. With such recklessness of one’s own funds its highly unusual.


He can just hedge his strategy with offline trades in another account and collect sub fees with no risk while riding on past performance. Tos means less than you’d think.


Its quite possible @Elemental. There are actually at least a couple of ways I can think of to make it look like the system is TOS and one of them is as you have just mentioned.


I mean all the ways I can think of request daily update and maintenance work to trick the c2 sync system every day. Will you go thru this much hassle just to keep a TOS badge when 99% of the system on here don’t have it or care for it ?


@OSUTAI, its very easy…I don’t want to go into this because its too easy for someone to do this.


from looking at the equity curve. I think he added to the long ym position on Monday. I bet he is at 12 or 13 contracts now. I bet there is a margin call today or tomorrow.


That´s actually doubtful because the markets turns around as we write. Not surprising. :wink: It´s a bit sad that I missed that nice short by 1.5 points on tuesday. Had my limit at 2796 with target at 2700… But hey that´s trading. That´s actual trading I should say. :wink:


Could be worse, you could be the guy with the buy order at 2800 thinking the all clear was in on Monday with this trade nonsense.
Better to miss out on a win then stumble into a loss.