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A Strategy for YM gambler got a margin call!


Don’t be. Otherwise if someone looks on equity curve of your strategies, can get a wrong picture that you are sad person (humor). On serious note, do not mix-up emotion with trading.


Oh no problem, I´m more concerned they get the wrong impression that I could actually earn money. So I´m glad my futures strategy is still in the red, what a relief. (irony) :wink:

No worries, I don´t mix these things. Although I missed the second short aswell. xD
At least I got the long trade, haha. (That´s probably the losing trade. :wink: jk )


I went long from 2643 till 2743 then exited because of slowing momentum. Then the G20 weekend came and I wanted to go short at 2796. missed that one. Than I had another short setup with entry at 2743 and target 2655 so I missed that by quite a margin. But 2655 was definitely a level I saw as last support so I went long here.

so yeah, I´m not just talking analytics. in the screenshot you can actually see my fills.


I did remove my post because was wrong. My problem is that I’m stop reading after 4th sentence. If it did tick you, sorry.


all good, it´s a valid question! Too many big talkers around so I get your secpticism. :slight_smile:
(actually it got rather quite lately. Not an easy market I suppose.)


Trading is lonley profession. Sometimes it is good to talk to someone. Ragarding results, it could be worst. -13% in October, +10% in November and in green in December. Overall +25% trading myself my account instead using C2 strategies.


Another margin call coming? lol

If the YM drops more this strategy will get wiped out.


Getting closer and closer…35k left! Pure insanity! Shouldn’t there be a margin call??


“Lost” 62% in simulation money ahahahahahaha. I can only imagine the pain subs are going through :confused:


I think IB requires $6.2k per contract for intraday margin, so with 35k he can’t be carrying more than 5 contracts. That means the broker would have forced a subscriber at 100% scaling to cut 7 of the 12 contracts that the system had at the peak a few weeks ago.

If you use overnight margin, then the situation is even worse. I think IB requires close to $9k per contract for overnight maintenance in the YM contract.


Marek, do you subscribe real money to any C2 strategies at the moment, or just follow along in simulation and participate on the forums?


I believe he had 12 contracts overnite.


@PhilD1 I do not invest real money in C2 strategies at the moment. I like C2, people working in the company. I would like to publish Compound again in the future when C2 will fix all the bugs that were moving my attention from trading my account to C2 platform.


@AlgoSystems If that’s the case then either his broker is giving him VERY generous (low) margin requirements or he’s somehow trading an account that’s way bigger than what C2 is seeing. If he had $46k at IB as of yesterday’s close, he would have been at 5 contracts overnight.


Yes @PhilD1, its crazy…but he’s supposedly at 500% TOS but unfortunately if subs match his model capital requirement they would have had margin calls and some positions closed.

Its still not over yet as we could very well drop more. Feel sorry for subs but watching entertainingly as this strategy blows up with its complete lack of risk control and lack of understanding of market conditions :popcorn:


He has 15 Long Contracts Overnight with this model around $26k. Loss respect for accountability in here. There is no way IB can allow anyone hold that size with low capital. He must have more capital than what it shows in C2. May be, the best way to find out how big capital from this developer is , we wait until the NAV hits below zero and how deep this model can hold 15 long contracts.

Next week, it will be interesting if there is recovery in Monday since today we have a big drop and he accumulated at lower price. If it does not, we just watch how far this model can survive. 15 contracts with $26K.

Where is the Risk management ?


This model is now down to $14,500. I’ll bet there are many margin call from his subscribers.


I’m waiting to see what happens when it goes to zero…lol :roll_eyes:


It already does. The drawdown is now exceeding 100%. However, there are many subscribers who have margin call well before this.


I’m sure subs have got their margin calls but just wondering how long this strategy will still run…lol…his equity is still around 15k currently but who knows…lol

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