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Bijagual is a amazing strategy


I am not sure how frequently the portfolio time machine is updated, but it seems to be a decent way to look at otherwise hidden strategies. According to it, the strategy is just in a bit of a drawdown. Just to be clear I am making no predictions about Bijagual good or bad, but I think people should note that the portfolio time machine can sometimes be a good work around for strategies that have gone private or limited the number of subs. If you go look for yourself you can actually see data for today’s date too, but I messed up on the screenshot and held my cursor one day behind.


I didn’t know this, thanks! This will be very useful to check past scams.


Thanks, just a heads up, it doesn’t always work. Seems like there is some mixture of things that can be done to make it not work after a strategy is private. It seems to work about half the time.


It looks like Bijagual is back:


This is one feature I really don’t like in C2. Strategies should not be allowed to go private once it goes public. This provides a good historical record for investors looking at the developers previous work.

It seems Bijagual took it private once it was in a huge drawdown. Maybe not wanting criticism for its drawdown…lol


i dont think u lose existing subscribers if you go private. But now we cant simulate or follow it anymore. Atleast it wont allow me.


@OSUTAI, the developer brought it back public again…lol

Thats why I said that he may have gone private to hide the drawdown period.


Must agree. Its things like this that disappoint me at C2. It most certainly doesnt benefit subscribers. C2 was more transparent years ago than it is today. I would love to hear any explanation of how “going private” protects the subscriber. I honestly think of it as a sneeky back door exit which enables developers to be less transparent.


Hi. Just to let everybody know the strategy hasn’t never been private, always been there. I did it today like five seconds as some sub came to ask me and I touched the button to make sure I din’t touch it before changing the visibility, and make sure it was right. Don’t know why you brought that idea just because I stopped accepting new subs.


Honest mistake is ok. Wasnt necessarily pinpointing you. This going private has become an epidemic around here though. Drain the Swamp Mathew!


@trejos, it was private and then changed to not accepting new subs then now its public.

Just ask the people who tried to access it that were subs. I think u may have pressed the wrong button or something…lol

But good that you put it back to public viewing again!


Never been private buddy


@Trejos, won’t argue the point since its back to public again.

Thanks for replying though.


At least one other non sub was unable to access the strategy as well.


Setting “max subscribers” (and having the current number bump up against the limit) may, in most cases, make the system unviewable to non-subs.


@MatthewKlein, is that a bug? Why is it in most cases?


When a strategy is in a drawdown, the strategy will still show up even if there are no subscriber slots left.


But back to the point at hand here. Why would you enable a developer to hide his past work by going private? Please help me benefit that provides to any subscriber? It lessens transparency by providing a hiding place for developers that continually dupe the system.


Please help me understand what benefit that provides any subscriber.


This situation was obvious. Very high profitability = very large risks. 100% for a year is a super result, and here 900% and 300% for a year is an early explosion of the system, it will not last for a long time - there will definitely be a drawdown of 80-90% in the near future.