EasyGBP - New Strategy

Here’s my new strategy EasyGBP - [c2page] [myfxbook] - I didn’t plan on posting a thread until I got at least 100+ trades into it but as an old pro I decided being candid would be more fun (since the strategy is fully-automated). These same trades will also be driving my upcoming MFF challenge so during this period where I was just going to build a track record might as well let 'er rip publicly. The strategy is pretty basic and best described as the traditional ‘cut your losses and let your profits run’. All trades have tight stop-losses (on my side. I cant stomach big losses - I need my beauty sleep) and the lot size scales accordingly.

This system is a pretty boring trader. It trades pretty often to get into the action so you wont be Dazzled by a 90% Win Rate but win pips amounts vs loss pips are nicely tilted to the winners. We Ain’t Fancy…

NOTE: First equity dip caused by Oanda normal spread account which had an adverse effect since my stops are pretty tight. Switched to commission and the account recovered quickly (Oanda was trading terrible vs Tickmill raw spreads. Commision has much better spreads but $10 round trip).

NOTE: Second equity dip caused by skipped trades from my trade copier. Of course while setting it up it missed the HUGE GBP crash that the master account was trading. The EA missed 2X huge profitable trades and got in late for a small loss. Grrrrr… - Setup RESTORED and equity rises again. Also Added the AUD pair since it basically trades with 80%+ correlation to GBP. Reduced Risk Per Trade to make room for AUD.

Quick Question: Does Drawdown ever go DOWN? Without those ‘Oops’ losses this would prob be C2Star Ready. Since I’ll prob need a >5% account I’ll prob not RESET it but just askin’

Should be Smooth(er) Sailing from this Point Forward…

Thanks for sharing and taking the trouble to post a description - can never understand why others don’t bother as It’s an immediate red flag. Any reason why you’re using a demo account and not a live one that you are trading yourself - it just gives investors more confidence in your system. Good to see a system with such a high average profit to loss - hope it continues that way. The real test for this system will be when volatility levels level off, but that may take some time with the ongoing crises in the UK and Europe!


I prefer for the Master account to be Demo because they always get perfect fills (and often faster) with no hassle. A LIVE account might hesitate for a variety of reasons. I always copy-trade (even personally) from a driver demo account. I always want the EA making decisions in an uninterrupted flow so the ‘working’ version mirrors 99.99% strategy backtests that always get perfect fills.

As far as non-volatility my 99.99% backtests appear to show minor loss/gains until opportunity presents itself. The AUD backtest for this same timeframe actually shows very gradual upwards movement with almost no stalling. Neither shows huge dips that require a ‘gambling’ recovery so eventually both get back on track. Next week is a HUGE News week so this should be Fun!!

Here’s the AUDUSD 99.99% backtest for the same period. These 2X are the EA’s Wonder-Twins. Highly correlated. It also shows very minor stalling and then continued upward progress.

BREAKING NEWS: Just In Time For My Debut (Ta Daaa) - Finished My 99.99% Testing HIGH-IMPACT Filter for GBP. - AUD is slower and sleepy and doesn’t need it but GBP can have Wild Dips, Swings and Fakeouts. Unfortunately, I had to add another indicator to the system (now at 3) but it should pay for itself by filtering out fakeouts, increasing profits and reducing the already low projected drawdown. This is the Perfect Week To Give It A Spin on GBPUSD (also opens the door for other high-volatility pairs with nice daily movement).

While the increase in profits is very nice. The BOOST in Profit Factor is Startling! (2.90 ->> 5.29) - 25 trades got filtered out and the graph smoothed out so much it looks like a pleasant climbing trail. This tweak should make the ride through choppy water much smoother…