What I have to do to get more customers?

In a word, consistency.

Stick with one instrument with the same quantity and low drawdown.

A consistent performance with low deviations makes potential subs comfortable.

In a word, consistency.

Stick with one instrument with the same quantity and low drawdown.

A consistent performance with low deviations makes potential subs comfortable.

Hugo, don’t worry too much, just continue delivering profitable trading signals with reasonable drawdowns and traders will beg you to take their money, no matter what mix of financial instruments your system is trading.

You wrote : "Say I will make 1000% per year ".

Always refrain from making such claims, it is not only forbidden by Collective2 but illegal as well in most countries. To get more exposure (and attract more potential subscribers) I suggest you participate in as many trading forums as possible, then simply put your C2 affiliate link in your signature. Here is a Forex forum in Spanish (since it seems to be your native language) for example : http://www.straightforex.com/sfc/

It took Topaz about three years before it got any attention…

And now you are on the top, congratulations, patience and persistence (here as a C2 vendor or elsewhere in life) always pay in the long run.

Thanks for sharing that information, have wondered about this for some time.

The interesting part is that you don’t need subscribers when they do come along, because you will be making a nice profit by trading alone anyway :slight_smile:

I reckon you can never have too much money though…

Why do you think Topaz didn’t have more subs during the first three years?

What percent of today’s subs are auto trading Topaz?

Lars, the incentive for developers to be on C2 is to gather revenue from subs, not to augment personal trading accounts. I’d guess the majority of developers–myself included–are mediocre traders and don’t rely on risking our capital for daily sustenance; we have other sources of income.

Frankly, if I could make a significant income (mid six figures) from trading my systems within my risk tolerance parameters, I wouldn’t bother spending the precious time marketing them on a platform like C2 where less than five percent of all systems have more than 10 subs.

In my opinion, your main focus should be on your system design not on attracting subscribers. There are a number of subscribers here who will not consider a system until it has at least two years of history. If you want to understand why that is just look at how few systems here are more than three years old. Far too many systems start out with great performance in their first months and then flame out.

Focus on making money by trading your own account with your system and subscribers will eventually follow if your system is worthy.

Be patient, i dont speak english very well, and i and very happy with many suscribers. You need more time, i think the customer subscribe when system have two years minimum. I live with income of my system and suscriptions. So, i think is more atractive one system only have always the same size of shares or contracts or lots, and only one product, dont mix stocks, ETF, forex, because is dificoult investmen in several things. You have make easy the investment to suscriptor. [LINKSYSTEM_41388243]

Hugo, you wrote: "What do I have to do…"

Try humility

Hi Hugo,

As a general subscriber, I can confirm that you will probably have challenges finding subscribers who want to sign up for a system that trades “everything.” Most obviously, there are broker considerations… I think you’re very limited in the number of Gen3 brokers that let you cross over and trade all instruments in a single account. Look at the autotrade data on any system, and you will see a ton of different brokers in use - users don’t willingly want to just up and switch brokers. Also, how would all the various Gen3 autotrade fees be handled?

My point being that it seems like it would be logistically challenging for a subscriber. From an available broker standpoint, and from a “system finder/hot systems” classification standpoint.

And keep in mind that if subscribers simply don’t want to trade something, such as options, it’s very hard for them to try gauge performance omitting the unwanted instrument, which presents even more challenges to the subscriber. It might have to be an “all or nothing,” which goes back to the broker issue.

So in general, I think subscribers associate a single system with a single instrument.


You might consider setting up a system for each instrument. You already have winning trades for each instrument, so it seems this would be easy for you to do.