When I suppose to get subscriber?

1000 views make a trial subscriber. You can guess.

And speaking of trolls and shills, look what the wind just blew in. A C2 cyberstalker.

For the love of God, please get a life and get over your obsession with me.

ORS was indeed a good one and it showed up in my screening also.

Have you tried promoting/advertising? I just noticed your system today.

I would not have known about it otherwise.

Most targeted marketing campaigns like those here have a customer capture rate of betweem one-half to one percent. At C2, where many developers are competing for a small pool of active subcribers, those numbers will be lower.

For Money Grubber’s system, the one out of 1000 ratio seems about right insofar as it gives the word hypothetical real meaning. The odds of your trial subscriber becoming a paid one are not 50-50, however.

Approximately many months went by before you had your first subscription? That should help others to set the right time expectation.

Approximately how many subscribers do you have now? A rough indication would be helpful, again, for the same benefit of setting the right expectation.


Approximately many months went by before you had your first subscription? That should help others to set the right time expectation.

Approximately how many subscribers do you have now? A rough indication would be helpful, again, for the same benefit of setting the right expectation.


I bet my subscription/view rate will go higher. Wait and see. Previously my trial period is 14 days, now I reduce to 7 days. As long as subscribers make good money, they will stay.

Actually, that’s a very intelligent and sensible measure.

Good point indeed, and good tip.

Have you considered lowering the fee to $50 or less to get them on board and then raise it after they have made money for 6 months or so?

After all, we know you don’t need the fees to pay bills. You’re making a fortune trading your account, true?

It is funny how this thread has propagated, but still no one has answered the simple question… How many subscribers are there to go around? There are some very good systems here run by very intelligent people. So throw us a bone, is it 500, is it 100 or is it 10?

Only Matthew knows how many active paid subscribers exist and I doubt he’ll share that. Why would he?

I am smart and adaptive. If you subscribe to my system now, my subscription/view rate will double immediately. LOL

Mr. Pfeifer iii,

Get us some sort of a proof that your degree isn’t bogus, and we all on C2 will feel sorry for you as an innocent victim of shills, trolls and any other accusatory terminology you might find in your vocabulary. And then you might be able to find some time for trading your Parable again for the benefit of your future subscribers. We are all waiting.

If I need the fees to pay bill, I should sleep in street now. I do make good money on my system. My system hits new high again while the market is down today.

I do not want to lower the fee. Good system is not cheap. If somebody really wants love my system and they want it, they can send me private message, I can give 50% discount for 2 months.

Well, I take a guess. I bet there are more system vendors than subscribers here. LOL.

If your system is really popular, i.e. there are many views, then the ratio is closer to 500 views for one active subscriber.

But by that time you don’t need to know the ratio any longer…

Hester, Linda, Inga, Chuck, Ms. Naivete et. al, who are aliases of the same troll, who died and made you the spokeperson for C2?

I have you on ignore forever. (What a wonderful feature.)

Have a nice life.

That will put your current active subscriber to about 100.

Is that true?

:slight_smile: Good point, Xavier (your second sentence). Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for your ph.d credentials, hah!

Money Grubber, some points…

1. Scale your system down to something reasonable and realistic so that it’s believable. Too large of an account size makes it tricky to scale down, especially if trading multiple instruments. Trading multiple instruments adds to the issue of correctly interpreting realistic system performance and real leverage and REAL risk in a normal account size … no one is going to jump in at 400K and honestly expect to buy 40,000 shares of Java - Wang Wei already pretty thoroughly highlighted the implications of that and that information is there for all subs to read.

2. To Xavier’s point – Wow! I’m gonna be a millionaire in 6 months just like you? Awesome! There may be some naive subs out there, but I think a lot of them pretty much know that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Back your model up, turn 10,000 into 40,000, or 20,000 into 80,000 and MAYBE that’s something that subs can get their heads around. (I’m extrapolating a bit from some comments Rene once made in terms of estimating his average user account sizes, as well as from what I see in the autotrade data on various systems).

- Side note - there’s a lot of developer discussion here around model size, and contrary to some of the opinions out there that that subs can just scale down, it’s not always a seamless process and certainly not always a guarantee that the risk ratios will hold, especially when position sizes are discretionary and variable. In most cases, it’s a lot easier for subs to scale a model up than to scale down.

3. Also as suggested to you before, consider the professionalism of both your system name and your moniker. We subs aren’t here to play games and I personally think twice about trusting my money with someone who comes across as though he IS. We don’t get developer’s resumes or CVs here, we don’t know whether they have 10 years of trading experience or whether they just completed an online trading course and decided to try it out – so system name and moniker (although a real name, as Karl has pointed out, is definitely preferred) is a representation of yourself and you should choose carefully.

4. As a sub-point to that, remember that every word you write, in the forums, in private messages, in the system description, is part of the picture subs are forming in their minds as to your competence, trustworthiness, and (again) professionalism. The longer you’re here, the more you’re establishing your credibility, even if your public participation level is low. (As an FYI, dismissive or arrogant responses that avoid answering legitimate questions correlate just about 100% of the time to systems that ultimately crash and burn.)

5. Patience. Subs are out there but it can take awhile. Sometimes it’s not possible to trade different systems within a single account, or someone may be happy at the moment with what they are trading. Or sometimes they’re just waiting to see if a system will crash. 6 months is a big milestone and a year is an even bigger one.

Just my thoughts…